Front Seatback Covers

Now that the front seats are built on our 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1, you may notice the backs of them are not very good looking. It is full of bars and screws that are not realistic at all. If only we had a way to hide all of that?

To solve this problem, I recently received these new Front Seatback Covers from Mike Lane:

These are custom made precision-cut pieces of flexible plastic that match the shape of the seat backs perfectly. We simply peel the appropriate cover from the backing paper, align it to the seat back, and press it into place. The pre-installed adhesive does the rest. You can see how big of a difference it makes:

I quickly did the other side!

These Front Seatback Covers are a super easy and quick mod that will improve the appearance of your own Ecto-1. I love em!