Stages 95+ Delayed

As of yesterday, September 26, 2021, this build is on hold again because the Issue 26 magazine for the next shipment is out of stock. There is no ETA when it will be available.

UPDATE October 11, 2021: Out of nowhere, I received a shipping notification for Stages 95-106!

UPDATE October 15, 2021: I did receive the shipment that should have been Stages 95-106, but Stage 103 was missing. I had to go through the new process of taking pictures of an stage that doesn’t exist and email them. Unfortunately, I still cannot continue with the build until I receive the replacement front right door that does not have the side mirror slot in it – this arrives with Stage 107.

Stages 91-94 Skipped

So, I have finally received Issue 25 containing Stages 91-94 of our 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 from Eaglemoss. However, they recommend not building these stages until the replacement Right Front Door arrives in Stage 107. I shared the email I received about this change in my Stages 91+ Delayed post. Therefore, I will skip publishing those articles until we can do it right the first time.

I am on track to receive the next shipments normally and we can build those in the interim. This should keep the build moving.

I did receive a request to share the parts lists from the Issue 25 magazine, so I can do that here for now: