Stages 59+ Delayed

My last shipment from Eaglemoss of our 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 was almost two months ago. I called Customer Service last week and was told that stages 59-62 are out-of-stock with no ETA. It appears we are in a holding pattern again.

UPDATE Mar 16 2021: Stages 59-62 have now shipped and should arrive shortly.

2 thoughts on “Stages 59+ Delayed”

  1. I’m stuck in exactly the same spot…I can’t even finish 51 – 58 yet, waiting on the Rear Carpets from Mike Lane. I’m also stuck on the Agora Cobra waiting on Replacement Parts from Agora.

  2. I’ve been stuck at stage 34… ordered new stages in October. Those were cancelled by EM because I could take a subscription plan, so I did. Then they were unable to find my payment for over a month, a second payment got also lost and now they told me they are going to send stages 1 to 6…

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