During the build of this 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 partwork model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each stage. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

StageContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
02Headlights & Grille22292739
03Bumper & Fog Lights9381554
04Left Front Wheel and Tire543357
06Left Engine Block, Dipstick & Ignition Wire Junction8581381
07Middle Engine Block147220101
08Right Engine Block3410618119
09Carburetor and Air Filter121187126
10Generator and Oil Filter1513312138
11Power Steering Pump & Crankshaft Pulley111448146
12Engine Fan and Cooling Pipes201641147
13Front Chassis Frame & Distributor31673150
14Left Front Suspension & Brake Drum1518223173
15Right Front Suspension & Tie Rod1419623196
16Front Suspension & Steering1421023219
17Right Front Wheel & Tire72174223
18Front Chassis52228231
19Front Middle Chassis & Oil Pipe Covers32252233
20Middle Chassis523018251
21Middle Chassis Frame & Propeller Shaft723718269
22Rear Chassis Frame & Leveling Valve32405274
23Rear Chassis & Fender Liners624626300
24Front Fender Liners & Radiator725316316
25Horns & Junction Box1426717333
26Control Box, Battery & Oil Reservoir1227916349
27Engine Bulkhead1329215364
28Left Exhaust Pipe1030212376
29Right Exhaust Pipe1031212388
30Rear Axle & Brake Drums832013401
31Left Rear Leaf Spring832811412
32Brake Fluid Hoses & Left Rear Wheel123405417
33Right Rear Leaf Spring834811428
34Right Rear Wheel & Tire53534432
35Battery Box635917449
36Fuel Tube & Steering Wheel Parts53641450
37Dashboard Lower Panel & Brake Pedal Parts53694454
38Brake Pedal Switch & Wires73763457
39Glove Box & Control Panels63828465
40Ammeter, Clock & Spotlight Handle53872467
41Radio Reciever1440113480
42Gentec Antenna & Emergency Brake Pedal1541615495
43Dashboard Supports & Speakers44208503
44Front Inner Floor, Headlight Dimmer Footswitch34230503
45Speakers & Carpets94322505
46Front Seat Base Supports944116521
47Front Seat Parts544623544
48Driver & Passenger Seatbacks1045640584
49Driver's Side Rear Workstation34592586
50Jump Seat1046920606
51Sono Channel ASA-20 and Switch Panel1148010616
52Cargo Area Floor148111627
53Simulation Switch Control Panel and Oscilloscope1549620647
54BGM-430 Guidance System1651226673
55Radio and Handset65183676
56Second Jump Seat652410686
57Second Jump Seat Seatback452813699
58Power Control Unit & Power Distribution Unit Base853610709
59Martin Marietta UHF Signal85444713
60UHF Signal & Power Distribution Unit & Peripheral Device2256637750
61Rear Left Interior Panel & Speaker35696756
62Rear Right Interior Panel & Speaker35726762
63Latitude/Longitude Processors65789771
64Control Boxes and Gurney Rails658432803
65PCB, Speaker & Wires1660021824
66LEDs & Ceiling Light System106100824
67Roof Light LEDs76170824
68Body Front Frame56225829
69Headlight LEDs & Body Frame Parts46269838
70Kick Frame, Door Catch & Rear Frame36298846
71Right Hood Hinge, Lock & Hood Rim1063925871
72Left Hood Hinge864711882
73Inner Roof164816898
74Front Left Fender Plating & Wire Covers46525903
75Unity S6 Spotlight, Plating & Ceiling Light Switches866012915
76Front Right Fender and Inner Plating26623918
77Antenna & Base666822940
78Front Window and Frame26706946
79Sun Visor86784950
80Left Front Door Parts66844954
81Left Front Window Frame Parts66906960
82Left Front Door Glass & Locking Mechanism96997967
83Window Lever Mechanism1271112979
84Finishing the Left Front Door107216985
85Left Rear Door and Side Panels77287992
86Left Door Window Frame673481000
87Left Rear Door Mechanism573921002
88Window Mechanism & Inner Door9748131015
89Left Rear Window Skirting & Frame475201015
90Left Rear Windows & Skirting375581023
91Right Front Door Handle & Rear View Mirror876341027
92Right Front Door Window Frame & Skirting676961033
93Right Front Window & Door Lock977871040
94Window Lever Mechanism12790121052
95Right Front Door Skirting & Handle1280261058
96Right Rear Door Lock & Side Panels780971065
97Right Rear Door Window Frame681581073
98Right Rear Door Window Mechanism582021075
99Completing Right Rear Door9829131088
100Right Rear Window Frame and Skirting483301088
101Right Rear Windows383681096
102Rear Door383931099
103Rear Window Frame & Air Vents584421101
104Rear Window & Locking Mechanism584961107
105Inside Rear Door Parts7856121119
106Right Rear Fender & Skirting285821121
107Right Rear Fender Crown686461127
108Right Rear Reflector & Outer Light Lens586971134
109Fitting the Right Rear Fender7876311165
110Left Rear Fender and Skirting287821167
111Left Rear Fender Crown688461173
112Left Rear Reflector and Outer Light588951178
113Finishing the Left Rear Fender Crown9898291207
114Skirting, Rear Fender & License Plate5903141221
115Deck Lights, Windshield Wipers1491781229
116Cockpit Ceiling Panel, Sun Visors1092791238
117CB Radio, Microphone10937121250
118Central Ceiling Panel, Interior Lights794441254
119Rear Ceiling Panel, Partition Wall494861260
120Partition Window/Panels4952311291
121Wing Mirrors, Blue Tubing14966211312
122Kick Plates4970241336
123Gurney Bed & Upper Frame17987261362
124Gurney Left Front Wheel11998191381
125Gurney Left Rear Wheel121010161397
126Gurney Right Front Wheel & T-Racks141024291426
127Gurney Right Wheel, Proton Pack Support121036321458
128Front Lightbar Base & Gears261062281486
129Completing the Front Lightbar111073161502
130Rear Lightbar Base & Gears261099281530
131Rear Lightbar Lens, Panels111110161546
132Roof Frames, Siren, Strobe Light131123101556
133Roof Frames, Radome111134161572
134Roof Panel, T.U. Antenna161150101582
135HVAC, Cross-Section Unit261176131595
136Roof Intake, Side Panels6118281603
137Roof Box Bottom, Pipes121194171620
138Oxygen Tanks161210121632
139Storage Tube, Directional Dish181228401672
140Antennae, Side Ladder171245261698

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  1. Oh my gosh I do the same… I break it down further with “core” parts & decals & include running costs but still… same

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