As with any model build that includes lighting, there is going to be wiring. This 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 is no different. It actually contains a lot of wiring that has to be tested, managed, and cared for.

A few things to note about wiring the Ecto-1:

  • Follow the colors – Wires have been known to have incorrect labels, so follow the colors in the magazines.
  • Polarity matters – LEDs are diodes and will only work with the correct flow of electricity. Be sure to check connection orientation.
  • Don’t pinch – Wires can easily be pinched between two pieces and cause a short, especially metal. Take care during assembly.
  • Seat the plugs – Make sure all connectors are fully seated in their sockets.

This list relates to the final endpoint of each wire, and not the wires coming off the PCB.

WireColor(s)PurposeActivated ByReceived in StageInstalled in Stage
ARed/BlackPower SupplySlide Switch Under Left Rear Chassis3535
BWhite/WhiteSiren SwitchRight Radio Button3841
CBlue/BlueRoof Lights SwitchLeft Radio Button3841
DBlue/GreenEngine Sound SwitchKeyhole Button on Lower Middle Dashboard3841
EGreen/GreenHorn SwitchButton to the left of the Radio3841
FGrey/GreyMain Light SwitchFluted Button on Lower Left Dashboard3841
GBlack/BlackBrake Pedal SwitchPressing Brake Pedal3838
HRed/WhiteDashboard LightFluted Button on Lower Left Dashboard3841
IYellow/YellowSpeakerSiren, Engine Sound, or Horn Switches6565
JGrey/RedFederal 19 Propello-RayLeft Radio Button6567
KWhite/GreyWhelen HRDF-200 StrobeLeft Radio Button6567
LBlack/GreyFront Deck LightsLeft Radio Button6567
mBlack/GreyRear Deck LightsLeft Radio Button6567
NRed/WhiteCode 3 Force 4 XL Light BarsLeft Radio Button6567
OGreen/WhiteLeft HeadlightFluted Button on Lower Left Dashboard6666
PGreen/WhiteRight HeadlightFluted Button on Lower Left Dashboard6666
QBlack/WhiteLeft Tail LightPressing Brake Pedal6666
RBlack/WhiteRight Tail LightPressing Brake Pedal6666
SBlack/BlueCeiling LightOpening Any Door6666
TRed/RedRear Door SwitchOpening Rear Door6666
URed/RedFront Left Door SwitchOpening Front Left Door6666
VRed/RedRear Left Door SwitchOpening Rear Left Door6666
WRed/RedFront Right Door SwitchOpening Front Right Door6666
XRed/RedRear Right Door SwitchOpening Rear Right Door6666