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“In this stage, you assemble and fit the generator and the oil filter and begin to put the cooling system together.”




Materials: The Generator Bracket Support, Generator Front Bracket, and Generator Rear Bracket are all metal. Everything else is plastic.


Generator and Oil Filter

As before, I used my Metallic Silver Sharpie to add a bit of contrasting color to some parts in this stage:

Step 01

Secure the Generator Front Bracket behind the Generator Bracket Support as shown, with one (1) black FM screw.

Do not tighten this all the way just yet, we need it a little loose to be able to adjust the Generator alignment later. Also, my Generator Bracket Support had like 4 different bends in it and I am pretty sure it is supposed to be fairly flat. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Retrieve the engine from the previous stage. Attach the Generator Support Bracket to the front of the engine as shown, with two (2) EP screws.

Yep, my Generator Support Bracket was bent all to hell. I had to use some duckbill pliers to get it back into a decent shape. But, it fits now:

Step 02

Slide the Generator Inner through the Generator Body from the rear (the end with the three holes on top). Fit the Generator End over the opposite end, aligning the notch in the Generator End with the small tab of the Generator Body so it is sitting flush.

I did this a little different. First I matched this notch on the Generator End

to the matching key on the Generator Body

Then, I slid the Generator Inner down through the hole, aligning the post so it sits flush. These parts will be loose until the next steps:

Slide the shaft of the Generator Pulley Outer through the center of the Generator Pulley Inner as shown.

Make sure the Generator Pulley Inner is facing the correct direction. It can fit both ways, but this changes how much space the drive belt groove has. Check the photo below as the cooling fins should spiral counter-clockwise when looking from the front:

Secure this Generator Pulley assembly to the front of the Generator Body with one (1) black DP screw.

This screw is what holds the entire Generator assembly together:

Finally, insert the three (3) Generator Plugs into the holes at the rear of the Generator Body.

Take note of these D-shaped holes in the side of the Generator Body:

The single forward plug faces away from the engine, while the two rear plugs face to the rear of the engine, like this:

Step 03

Attach the Generator Rear Bracket to the back of the Generator Inner with one (1) black EP screw as shown.

You may not want to tighten this fully until the generator is mounted to the engine:

Fit this Generator assembly to the front right of the engine so the hole at the top of the Generator End is in front of, and aligned to, the small hole along the Generator Front Bracket, as shown. Secure with one (1) black FM screw:

Again, you may not want to tighten this screw fully just yet:

Secure the open end of the Generator Rear Bracket to this hole on the Right Exhaust Manifold with one (1) black EP screw:

Once the Generator assembly is aligned to your satisfaction, you can now tighten the previous two screws as well:

The Generator assembly should be parallel to the engine block:

Step 04

Place the Water Pump Housing at the top of the Cooling System.

I am pretty sure this should be called the Thermostat Housing as the water pump is actually below it. Anyway, there is a small tab on the bottom of the Water Pump Housing

… that aligns to this slot in the Cooling System:

Secure this with three (3) black GP screws in the locations shown.

Yes, just three screws for now. We do not put a screw into the last hole until the next step:

Step 05

Insert the long post of the Oil Filter Head through the keyed slot in the top of the Oil Filter until flush:

Fit the Oil Filter Base to the bottom of this Oil Filter assembly…

… and secure all three parts together with one (1) black DP screw:

Align the hole in the angled tab of the Oil Filter over that last hole of the Water Pump Housing, and secure with one (1) black BP screw.

Once this screw is installed, make sure the unused lower hole of the Oil Filter is flat up against the Cooling System:


So many small parts! My dexterity is not what it used to be, so stages like this can be challenging. Still, we made it through and added more detail bits to our engine. We still have two more stages of engine building to do!

Next Up

Stage 11 – Power Steering Pump/Support/Cap/Pulley/Hose, Crankshaft Pulley

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