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“In this stage, you will fix the tire to the left front wheel. You will also have received the hub and center caps to be fitted later.”




Materials: The wheel itself is metal, the tire is hard rubber, and the two caps are plastic.


Left Front Wheel and Tire

Step 01

Fit the Outer Wheel into the center of the Left Front Tire.

When you are working with this wheel, take care not to break off the little plastic valve stem:

Step 02

Turn this assembly over and place the Inner Wheel into the tire so the three screw holes line up:

Secure the wheel parts together with three (3) black CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

While this step completes the stage assembly, I wanted to share the details in the Hub Cap

… as well as the Center Cap:

And, just for fun, let’s put them all together temporarily:


We do not use the Hub/Center Caps in this stage, so keep them safe for now. Still, we have our first wheel and it is big and heavy! At least it is correct to the real car (the first images of this Ecto-1 part work model did not have whitewalls).

Next Up

Stage 5 – Bell Housing, Bell Housing Connector/Plate, Gearbox Housings/Connector, Oil Pan

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