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“In this stage, you will assemble the gearbox housing, including oil pan, and fit it to the bell housing.”




Materials: Other than the plastic Oil Pan, all of the parts in this stage are metal.


The Gearbox

Step 01

Align the screw holes of the Gearbox Connector (the one with the shorter tab) over the matching holes on the narrow end of the Bell Housing:

From the inside of the Bell Housing, secure the connector in place with two (2) black DM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Insert the long tab of the Bell Housing Connector through this slot of the Bell Housing Plate, as shown:

Secure the connector to the plate with with two (2) black DM screws:

Fit this assembly into the open end of the Bell Housing assembly, aligning the three screw holes to the posts inside as shown.

You know you have it correct when it sits in there flush:

Then, secure these together with three (3) EM screws:

Step 03

Fit the wide end of the Gearbox Housing Left over the narrow end of the Bell Housing and secure these together with one (1) black DM screw, as shown:

Align the Gearbox Housing Right to the Gearbox Housing Left and secure with two (2) black EM screws:

Finally, fit the Oil Pan to the bottom of the gearbox housings and secure with one (1) black EM screw.

There is a small notch in the Oil Pan

…that fits over this raised section of the Gearbox Housing Left:

You will know it is right when the Oil Pan sits flat against the gearbox. Then, you can add the screw:

There has been some online discussion around the true color of this gearbox (some say blue, some say bare metal), but I am going to keep it Cadillac blue on my model. However, we can add a little contrast to the bolt heads with my favorite Metallic Silver Sharpie!

And, whatever this round thing on the side is, let’s make it silver too because why not:


I am pretty excited to be starting on the power train of our Ecto-1! And, it was my first chance to do something a little different with a personal mod. I don’t know how far I will go with customization, but I will document all of it.

Next Up

Stage 6 – Left Engine Block/Cylinder Head/Cover/Support, Dipstick, Left Exhaust Manifold, Ignition Wire Junction

2 thoughts on “STAGE 5”

  1. Starting on mine as well!
    Skipping the first parts because I want to wait and see what Mike Lane and/or Modelmodz are going to do eventually with the strobes.
    Anyway, my kit had a problem where the oilpan needed to be glued in; turns out the gearbox housing left was badly molded and the connecting pin for the oilpan was missing!
    Going to put some putty in the screwholes of the gearbox housing.

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