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“In this stage, you will assemble parts of the left-hand side of the engine, as well as fitting the dipstick and ignition wire junction.”





Left Engine Block, Dipstick & Ignition Wire Junction

Step 01

Insert the Left Engine Support into the bracket on the side of the Left Engine Block and secure it with two (2) black DM screws, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Next, secure the Engine Block Lower Part to the inside of the engine block with one (1) DM screw.

The tab of this Engine Block Lower Part is not in the center of the part. Based on the tab’s location, I will label the ends ‘Close’ and ‘Far’:

The ‘Close’ end is what should be touching the Left Engine Block here (with the screw head on the ‘Far’ end):

If you have done this correctly, the front of the these two parts should be flush with each other:

Push the pin on the end of the Dipstick into this matching hole of the Left Engine Block:

Step 02

Like I did in the previous stage, I took my Metallic Silver Sharpie to the bolt heads of this Left Cylinder Head to add some contrast:

Slide the tabs of the Left Exhaust Manifold into these matching slots of the Left Cylinder Head:

Secure the manifold in place from below with three (3) black AP screws:

Fit the tab of the Ignition Wire Junction into this recess of the Left Cylinder Head.

This is the small recess that the tab of the junction will rest in:

Make sure the junction is facing the correct direction. It will be held in place by the Cylinder Head Cover in the next step:

Place the Left Cylinder Head Cover on top of the cylinder head, as shown, and secure with four (4) black BP screws.

There is a small notch in this cover (yellow circle below) that fits around the Ignition Wire Junction and captures it in place:

Step 03

Place this Left Cylinder Head assembly onto the Left Engine Block.

Make sure the Dipstick slides up between the cylinder head and exhaust manifold:

Secure the cylinder head into place from below with two (2) black AP screws:

Step 04

Retrieve the Gearbox assembly from the previous stage. Fit the tab of the Gearbox Connector over this post of the Left Engine Block and secure it into place with one (1) black DM screw:


This engine continues to grow in size and I love it! I was thinking more of it would be metal, but everything in this pack is plastic except for the Left Engine Block and Left Engine Support. I can’t wait for the next packs!

Next Up

Stage 7 – Timing Belt Cover, Water Pump, Oil Sump, Engine Top/Cover, Distributor, Intake Manifold, Right Engine Block/Exhaust Manifold

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