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“In this stage, you assemble the middle parts of the engine block, fitting them to the left-side parts you received in the last issue.”




Materials: The Right Engine Block, Right Engine Support, and Timing Belt Cover are metal, but the rest is all plastic.

Magazine – Issue 4

  • Model Instructions
  • Annie Potts: The Actress on Playing Janine
  • Optical Illusions: Boss Film’s Optical Department
  • Ecto-101: The Second City Comedy Troupe

Free Gift #2 – License Plate


Middle Engine Block

Before I started this stage, I thought it would be nice to add a little more color to my engine. I grabbed my handy Metallic Silver Sharpie and colored the exposed bolt heads on the parts in this stage:

Step 01

Fit the Timing Belt Cover Connector to the back of the Timing Belt Cover, aligning the holes, and secure with two (2) black EM screws.

The tab of this Timing Belt Cover Connector is not in the center of the part. Based on the tab’s location, I will label the ends ‘Close’ and ‘Far’:

The ‘Close’ end is what should be to the left side here. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Fit the two posts of the Cooling System through the matching raised rings on the front of the Timing Belt Cover:

Secure the Cooling System in place from behind with two (2) black AP screws:

Finally, secure the Timing Belt Cover Connector to the Left Engine Block (from the previous stage) with one (1) black DM screw, as shown.

There is a small recess in the Timing Belt Cover Connector

… that lines up with this pin on the post of the Left Engine Block:

Use these to align the parts and secure them into place:

Once installed, the front of our engine should look like this:

Step 02

Push the post of the Distributor Assembly into this hole of the Engine Block Top.

This post is keyed with a tab that matches the notched hole in the Engine Block Top:

Secure the Distributor Assembly from below with one (1) black AP screw:

Now, push the post of the Pipe Joint into the matching hole of the Engine Block Cover:

This post is also keyed with a tab that matches the notch in the Engine Block Cover

… and the small pin on the Pipe Joint should face the nearest end of the cover, like this:

Secure the Pipe Joint from below with one (1) black BP screw:

Fit this Engine Block Cover assembly onto the Engine Block Top, as shown.

In order to get this part to sit flush, the edge does have to slide under the Distributor Assembly:

Secure these together from below with two (2) AP screws:

Finally, fit the Intake Manifold on top of this assembly.

It will align correctly if these two small holes are on the end with the Distributor Assembly:

… and secure into place from below with four (4) black AP screws:

Step 03

Secure the Breather Cap to the Fuel Pump Lower with two (2) black EP screws, as shown:

Push the post at the bottom of the Breather Cap into this matching hole of the Engine Block Top.

The post of the Breather Cap is keyed with a tab that matches this notch in the Engine Block Top:

Secure this into place from below with one (1) black AP screw.

This Breather Cap is plastic and can be broken if you are not careful here. Just take your time:

Step 04

Align the two tabs of the Oil Sump to the matching holes at the base of the Left Engine Block and secure with two (2) black EM screws:

Slide the two tabs of the Engine Block Top assembly over these posts of the Left Engine Block.

This can be a little tricky as it has to slide between the front and rear parts of the engine. Just make sure it seats all the way in:

Step 05

Insert the Right Engine Support into the bracket on the side of the Right Engine Block and secure it with two (2) black DM screws, as shown:


Building the engine is my favorite part of any automotive part work model and this one is no different! I am actually pretty happy with the amount of detail we are seeing so far. They even have the color of the Breather Cap correct (on most late 50s Cadillac 390 V8s, it is black). The Right Exhaust Manifold was not used, but keep it nearby for the next stage.

Next Up

Stage 8 – Right Cylinder Head/Valve Cover, Ignition Wire Junction/Coil/Spark Plugs, Fuel Pump/Filter, Dipstick, Starter

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