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“In this stage, you will assemble the carburetor and associated parts, as well as building and fitting Ecto-1’s air filter.”




Materials: Everything in this stage is plastic.


Carburetor and Air Filter

As in the previous few stages, I used my Metallic Silver and Gold Sharpies to add some contrast color to some of the parts in this stage:

Step 01

Attach the Fast Idle Cam Support to the Fast Idle Cam Bracket with one (1) black BP screw.

There is a small pin on the Fast Idle Cam Support that aligns it to the bracket:

Fit the keyed post of the Fast Idle Cam to the matching keyed hole of the Fast Idle Cam Bracket

… and secure with one (1) black EP screw.

Be really careful here. You may notice that I actually bent part of the Fast Idle Cam trying to screw these together. Thankfully, it did not snap off!

Finally, fit this assembly to the underside of the Carburetor as shown, and secure with one (1) black GP screw.

Make sure you fit this into the correct location on the Carburetor:

Step 02

Place the tab of the Fuel Inlet into the adjacent opening on the underside of the Carburetor as shown, and secure with one (1) black GP screw:

Then, place the tab of the Choke Cap into the last opening on the underside of the Carburetor as shown, and secure with one (1) black GP screw.

Step 03

Retrieve the engine assembly from the previous stage. Fit the keyed hole of the Carburetor over the keyed post in the center of the Intake Manifold as shown:

Connect the Fuel Pipe between the pins of the Fuel Inlet and the Fuel Filter Cap.

This is a little easier to do if you remove the Carburetor assembly from the engine:

When I tried to route this hose/pipe, I realized it was just too long to look right. Not only did I cut the hose down, but I inserted a length of 22 Gauge Craft Wire inside the hose to stiffen it and allow me to route it as I wanted. The wire is shorter than the hose to allow the plastic pins to fit into each end:

Step 04

Slot the tab of the Air Filter Inlet through the opening of the Air Filter Side as shown, and secure with one (1) black EP screw:

Fit the Air Filter on top of the Carburetor so the keyed hole fits down over the keyed post of the Intake Manifold.

Make sure the flat surface of the Air Filter is facing down on the Carburetor:

Place the Air Filter Side assembly on top of the Air Filter.

The Air Filter Side has this small notch along the inner edge:

This notch fits over this small tab on the edge of the Air Filter:

When you have them aligned, these parts will sit flush on top of each other:

Fit the Air Filter Cover to the top of the Air Filter Side, again aligning the keyed notch to the keyed post:

Secure the entire Air Filter assembly (and Carburetor assembly) to the Intake Manifold with one (1) black DP screw.

We will need to add the Spark Plug Wires to the distributor hiding under this air filter in Stage 12, so you may not want to do this (or the next step) just yet. I will go ahead and attach it for the photos:

Finally, push the Air Filter Screw into the opening at the top of the Air Filter Cover.

As I want to be able to get to the Distributor Assembly when we install the Spark Plug Wires, I did not push this Air Filter Screw all the way in. I will need to remove it to get the Air Filter off and once it goes all the way in, we may have a tough time getting it back out:

You can see the limited space under the Air Filter to access the Distributor Assembly. This is why I did not fully install the Air Filter:


Now this thing is really looking like a classic 50s engine! I can just imagine pumping the gas pedal and jiggling the choke to get the beast to start and the rumble when it comes to life. There were a lot of tiny parts in this stage, but they do add a lot of little details to the build.

Next Up

Stage 10 – Generator, Generator Supports/Connectors/Pulley, Water Pump Housing, Oil Filter

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