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“In this stage, you fit the two right rear windows, as well as the associated window frame.”

This stage will be the same as Stage 90, just on the other side of the car.



Materials: The Skirting parts are metal and the Left Rear Window Frame is plastic.


Right Rear Windows

Step 01

Retrieve your Right Rear Window Frame from the previous stage. Remove the adhesive backing paper from the Window Frame Center Skirting and gently fit it to the window frame, as shown:

Step 02

Retrieve your Body assembly from Stage 99. Fit the two Right Rear Windows into these matching openings at the left rear, as shown.

These windows should fit flush into the openings. On my model, there was some flashing (bits of extra plastic around the edges) that I needed to slice off with my hobby knife so they would sit flush:

Step 03

Fit the Right Rear Window Frame over the windows, aligning its posts into the matching holes of the body as shown:

Secure the bottom edge of the Right Rear Window Frame to the Body with three (3) VM screws:

NOTE: These two forward VM screws will be replaced with new countersunk WM screws in Stage 108:

Carefully turn your Body assembly upside down on a soft cloth. Then, continue securing the Right Rear Window Frame into place from the inside at the forward edge with two (2) VP screws, as shown:

Finish securing the Right Rear Window Frame into place from the inside at the rear with three (3) AP screws, as shown:


With these windows now installed, we can move on to building the Rear Door!

Next Up

Stage 102 – Rear Door, Rear Door Outer Handle/Hinge

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