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“In this stage, you fit the skirting to the rear window frame as well as installing the air vents to the rear door.”




Materials: The Skirting pieces are metal, but the Frame and Vents are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 28

  • Model Instructions
  • Life in Miniature: An Interview with John Goodson
  • Grand Designs: Production Designer John DeCuir
  • Deleted Scenes: Seven of the Greatest Cut Scenes
  • The Roof Rack: The Tech on the Roof of Ecto-1
  • Peter Macnicol: How the Actor Turned Jason Into Janosz
  • Ecto-101: Sloar


Rear Window Frame & Air Vents

Step 01

Carefully bend the Window Frame Left Skirting to match the shape of the left groove in the Rear Window Frame.

When bending these skirting parts, take your time and make small adjustments. Keep fitting the part to the frame until it is close to the right shape, as shown:

Remove the adhesive backing paper from the Window Frame Left Skirting and gently fit it to the window frame, as shown.

For extra adhesion, I applied a thin line of super glue under each piece of Skirting and clamped it down until the glue dried:

This helps hold these pieces to the shape of the Window Frame:

Repeat this process to secure the Window Frame Right Skirting to the opposite side of the Window Frame:

Repeat this process again to secure the Window Frame Top Skirting to the upper groove of the Window Frame:

Here is our final Window Frame assembly:

Step 02

Retrieve your Rear Door from the previous stage. Then, fit the posts of the Rear Door Air Vents into the matching holes at this location of the Rear Door:

Secure the Rear Door Air Vents into place from behind with two (2) EP screws:

There is a small amount of side-to-side play in these screws that you can adjust to make sure these Vents are straight:

For a more accurate look of these Rear Door Air Vents (and to better match my Hood Vents), I removed the stock part and installed this magnificent  Rear Door Vent mod from Mike Lane. This was a simple peel-and-stick application:

This metal detail panel can be gently bent to fit and the louver ‘openings’ should face towards the bottom of the Rear Door, as shown:


I misplaced this stage for a few weeks, so it delayed my build until I could find it! I do have to say I am glad we are finished installing the metal Skirting trim around the door frame – I feel it should have been pre-bent to shape before we received it. Still, we are very close to installing the final door to our Ectomobile body so let’s continue!

Next Up

Stage 104 – Rear Window, Rear Door Lock, Lock Pin/Spring/Base