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“In this stage, you finish assembling the right rear fender crown and fit the right rear fender to the body of your model.”

There is a lot to do in this stage, so we will take our time and get through it together!



Materials: The Fender Rear Panel is metal and the other parts are plastic.


Fitting the Right Rear Fender

Step 01

Fit the keyed post of the Right Rear Inner Light Housing to this matching hole of Right Rear Fender Crown Inner.

As back in Stage 107, I recommend installing the Rear Tail Light LED before mounting this Inner Light Housing. Again, I first bent the leads of the free LED to 90 degrees, as shown:

Then, I pressed this LED into the internal hole of the Inner Housing, as shown. Again, you may need to use a flat head screwdriver or similar tool to help press it all the way in:

With this cable seated in place, we can then go ahead and fit the Inner Light Housing to the Fender Crown as instructed:

Secure the Inner Light Housing into place from the inside with one (1) AP screw:

You can see the rounded notch for this LED’s wiring in the picture above. As the notch is fairly small, I recommend trying to tuck the shrink tubed section of this LED inside the Housing as best you can:

Retrieve your Right Rear Fender Crown Rear Trim from the Stage 107. Press the holes in the tabs of the Rear Trim onto these two matching pins of the Fender Crown assembly, as shown.

Make sure the wires of the outer LED is not trapped underneath this part. The wires should fit through the center rounded notch. To make this picture easier to understand, I temporarily detached the Inner Light Housing:

Gently, but firmly, press the Right Rear Inner Light Lens onto the end of the Inner Light Housing, as shown.

This should be a press-fit connection. Do not be tempted to use super glue here as it can cause the clear plastic to cloud up:

As we fit the LEDs into our two Light Housings already, I skipped the steps below:

  • Go to your Chassis assembly and disconnect the Right Tail Light LED cable (marked ‘R’).
  • Retrieve your Right Rear Fender Crown assembly from the previous stage. Press the LED on the very end of the Right Tail Light LED cable into this hole behind the Outer Light Housing.
  • Press the second LED of the Right Tail Light LED cable into the hole behind the Inner Light Housing.
Step 02

Fit the Fender Crown Inner to the Fender Crown Outer, making sure the Tail Light LEDs stay in place and the wires are routed as shown:

Begin securing these Fender Crown assemblies together with two (2) NP screws at these rear locations:

Continue to secure the Fender Crown together with one (1) LP screw at this forward location:

Finish securing the Fender Crowns using one (1) WP screw at this location, as shown.

I did not expect this screw to be painted red – a nice touch!

Step 03

Fit the Right Rear Fender Rear Panel to the inside of the Fender Crown assembly, aligning the screw posts as shown:

Secure this Rear Panel into place with two (2) EM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Retrieve your Right Rear Fender from Stage 106. Fit the two Wire Covers onto these matching locations as shown, and secure them with two (2) XM screws – one for each Cover:

Fit the Right Rear Wheel Cover to these matching posts inside the Right Rear Fender, as shown:

Secure this Wheel Cover into place with three (3) EM screws:

Fit the Fender Crown assembly to the inside of the Rear Fender, aligning the rounded tabs to these posts as shown.

Make sure not to trap or pinch the Tail Light wiring during this process:

Secure this Fender Crown to the Rear Fender with three (3) DM screws:

Retrieve your Right Rear Reflector assembly from the previous stage. Slide this into the rear end of the Rear Fender assembly, as shown:

Secure the Reflector to the Rear Fender from the inside with two (2) IP screws:

Step 04

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage. At the right rear corner of the Body, route the Right Rear Door Switch cable (marked ‘X’) under both Wire Covers inside the Rear Fender, as shown.

A couple of things. First, if you did not remove this shipping support from the Body already, remove it now:

As we move forward, we definitely want to make sure this cable stays resting in the matching notch of the Body. I used a small removable Glue Dot to keep it from moving around:

We can then bring the Rear Fender nearby and route this cable through the two Wire Covers, as shown:

Fit this Rear Fender assembly to the Body, aligning the mounting posts into the matching holes.

To make sure we get this step right and that the wiring is routed the correct way, I carefully turned my Body upside down on a soft surface.

With the Rear Fender held in place on the Body, the wires of the Tail Lights and Door Switches pass through this opening:

Begin securing the Rear Fender with six (6) IM screws along the long, upright tabs.

As there will be fourteen screws holding this Rear Fender on, I recommend to leave each screw loose until all of them are installed:

Continue securing this Right Rear Fender into place with two (2) YM screws at the front edge:

Continue securing the Rear Fender with five (5) NP screws along the lower edge:

Finally, secure this small rear tab of the Rear Fender with one (1) more IM screw:

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the three cables should be routed underneath this red tab before installing this screw:

When happy with the fitment, fully secure the Right Rear Fender by tightening all of the screws.


OK, now we have that iconic profile of the Ecto-1 – how good did this turn out?! I am very happy with the result of this long stage!

Next Up

Stage 110 – Left Rear Fender/Skirt

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