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“In this stage, you assemble the right front wheel and tire, as we as fitting them to the suspension.”




Materials: The Wheel parts are metal, the Tire is rubber, the brake hoses are PVC vinyl, and the rest is plastic.


Right Front Wheel & Tire

Step 01

Fit the Outer Wheel into the center of the Right Front Tire:

When you are working with this wheel, take care not to break off the little plastic valve stem:

Turn this assembly over and place the Inner Wheel into the tire so the three screw holes line up:

Secure the wheel parts together with three (3) black CM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Right Wheel assembly to the post of the right side Steering Knuckle:

Fit the Hub Cab onto the outside center of the Right Wheel assembly, taking care to align the hole in the Hub Cap to the valve stem:

Secure the Right Wheel to the Steering Knuckle with one (1) LM screw:

Press the Center Cap into the center of the wheel.

As I have mentioned before, I never put these caps in place until the model is complete. There is a good chance we will either need to remove the wheel or tighten the screw during the build and removing these caps once installed can be difficult and cause damage. I only barely pushed it into place for this picture.

UPDATE June 7, 2021: Mike Lane has released his Magnetic Wheel Caps mod to replace these stock Center Caps – check them out!

Step 03

Fit one end of the Right Brake Fluid Hose (the longer of the two) over this pin on the back of the right front brake drum Backing Plate:

Run the Right Brake Fluid Hose over the Gearbox assembly and connect the free end to this pin of the brake Distributor.

I chose to route this hose ‘through’ the upper control arm just to keep it clean:

I trimmed a bit off the end of this hose to make it fit nicely:

Fit one end of the remaining Left Brake Fluid Hose over this pin on the back of the left front brake drum Backing Plate:

Connect the free end of the Left Brake Fluid Hose to this pin of the brake Distributor:

I also routed this side through the upper control arm:


We’ve built wheels before, so that section of this stage was very similar. The brake hoses seem like they should be held in place somehow, but I guess they just remain free to move.

Next Up

Stage 18 – Front Chassis/Parts/Skeletons

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  1. Thank you for your detailed photos. I’m not in ANY way complaining, but want to let you know that the photos for step one are missing.

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