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“In this stage, you finish building the partition wall and fit it to the frame of your Ecto-1.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


Finishing the Partition Wall

Step 01

Fit the Partition Wall Front Panel to the matching posts of the Partition Wall Lower Panel, as shown.

This Front Panel appears to be symmetrical and can be fitted in either orientation:

Secure the Front Panel to the Lower Panel from the other side with eight (8) EP screws:

Next, fit this Lower Panel assembly to the smooth side of the Partition Wall Center Panel, as shown.

There is a central locating pin on the Lower Panel assembly that matches to an alignment hole in the Center Panel:

Secure the Lower Panel to the Center Panel from the other side with eight (8) more EP screws:

Then, place the Partition Window into this matching recess of the Center Panel, as shown.

I tend to use vinyl gloves when handling clear window parts to prevent fingerprints:

OPTIONAL: In the original film, there was no glass in this partition wall. I confirmed this using both this picture of the real Ecto-1 before restoration and a frame capture from the film itself. If you so chose, like I did, simply skip installing this Partition Window:

Retrieve your Partition Wall Rear Panel assembly from the previous stage. Fit this assembly to the matching posts of the Center Panel, capturing the Window in between as shown:

Finally, secure the Rear Panel to the Center Panel with ten (10) KP screws:

As I was securing these Panels together, I decided to stop for a moment and go ahead with removing the two Partition Speakers – they were not on the filming car and were likely added during the restoration of the Ecto-1 that was used to create the 3D scan for our model:

Step 02

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage and place it upside down on a soft surface. Remove and save the two (2) VP screws securing the Left Skirting to the Body.

Remember, take special precautions to protect the Deck Lights on the roof of the Body!

Gently pull this Skirting away from the body, as shown:

The purpose of this step is to move the horizontal tab of the Skirting away from the mounting holes we are about to use:

I found that it is helpful to remove and save the VP screws from the Right Skirting as well and move it aside:

Next, lower the Partition Wall assembly into the Body between the front and rear side doors. Gently bend the Skirting away from the Body to expose the mounting posts so the Partition Wall tabs can rest on them:

Before I did this, I used small pieces of electrical tape to secure the Ceiling Light LED cables into the matching grooves of the Body, as shown:

The wires of the Ceiling Light LED should then run up along the B-pillar between the front and rear doors and into this notch of the Body, as shown:

With this cable routed properly, we can now lower the Partition Wall assembly into place, orienting it as shown:

Then, carefully tuck the Ceiling Light LED cables into the groove along this side of the Partition Wall, making sure the wires are not pinched or trapped between the parts.

The wires of the Ceiling Light LED cable are supposed to hide inside the narrow channel between the two surfaces of the Partition Wall assembly and come out through this small opening. It took me quite a few tries to get it right – I did not want any extra wire showing:

If you end up with extra slack in the Ceiling Light LED cable, simply feed it along the Body (towards the front of the car – arrow below). When finished, make sure this cable is still tucked around the mounting hole (circled below):

Secure the Partition Wall into the Body with two (2) RM screws – one on each side.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Finally, reinstall the two VP screws we removed earlier to reattach the Left Skirting.

If you detached the Right Skirting like I did, replace and resecure it as well:

Step 03

Install one (1) RM screw into this post of the Left Rear Fender. This screw will help keep the Left Rear Wheel Cover in place later on, so only tighten it as needed to slightly grip the Cover:

You can use the Left Rear Wheel Cover from Stage 113 as a guide to see how far this screw should be installed, but really it only acts as an alignment post and therefore only needs to be tightened in by a few threads:


The trickiest part of this stage was getting the Ceiling Light LED wires to stay in the channel of the Partition Wall as it is installed. I must have lowered this Wall into place at least a dozen times just to get the wires right.

Next Up

Stage 121 – Wing Mirrors, Retaining Brackets, Blue Tubing, Center Cap

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