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“In this stage, you fit a kick plate to each of the left and right-sided doorsteps.”




Materials: All of these parts are metal.


Kick Plates

Step 01

Carefully bend each Kick Plate along the dashed line.

Each bend should face down away from the surface with the ‘Superior Coach’ logo. While I used my Photoetch Bending Tool to bend these Plates, you could also use something with a firm straight edge, such as a metal ruler or even these duck bill pliers:

For those who have never used a photoetch bending tool, it involves first clamping one side of the edge you want to fold. Here, I clamped a Kick Plate (detailed side down) so the dotted fold line was just visible below the red edge of the clamp:

Then, using the provided lifting tool, I gently and evenly brought the exposed edge up to a 90° angle:

This process was repeated for all four Kick Plates:

Step 02-1

Retrieve your Ecto-1 from the previous stage and open the Right Front Door. Fit the Right Front Kick Plate into the door sill.

These Kick Plates are not the same. The shorter Kick Plates are for the front doors, and the hole locations determine which side they attach to. The Left Rear Kick Plate also has a unique notch in the corner, as shown here:

Knowing this, we can fit the Right Front Kick Plate just inside the Right Front Door sill, as shown. I did the right side first as it was the side of the car facing me when I started, however you can install these Plates in any order you choose:

Loosely secure this Kick Plate to the Interior with three (3) RP screws along the inner edge, as shown:

Next, loosely secure the lower folded edge of this Kick Plate to the Body with three (3) AM screws. Then, tighten all six screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal. After each of these Plates is installed, the respective Door can be closed again:

In the same way, open the Right Rear Door and fit the Right Rear Kick Plate into the door sill as shown. Secure it into place with three (3) RP screws (yellow circles) and three (3) AM screws (red circles):

Step 02-3

Carefully turn your Ecto-1 around and open the Left Front Door. Fit the Left Front Kick Plate into the door sill as shown, and secure it into place with three (3) RP screws and three (3) AM screws just as before:

Step 02-4

Finally, open the Left Rear Door and fit the Left Rear Kick Plate into the door sill. Secure this Kick Plate with three (3) RP screws along the inner edge and three (3) AM screws along the bottom:

Note how the notch I mentioned earlier fits around this corner of the Cargo Area Floor:


I feel the superb details on these metal Kick Plates add a very classy touch to the interior of our Ecto-1!

Next Up

Stage 123 – Gurney Bed/Upper Frame/Brackets, Grille/Brackets, Casters, Caster Legs

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