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“In this stage, you assemble and fit the right rear wheel section, and install all four proton pack supports.”

Many of these steps will be nearly identical to those in Stage 125.



Materials: The Leg, Leg Fixing, Lock Pole, and both Folding Legs are metal while the other parts are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 34

  • Model Instructions
  • Dennis Muren: Ghostbusters II‘s VFX Supervisor
  • Making A Scene: GB II Scenic Artist Valerie Sofranko
  • The Art of Kathy Swain: Concept Art from Ghostbusters II
  • Ecto-101: Pacific Title


Gurney Right Wheel and Proton Pack Support

Step 01

Fit the Right Rear Wheel between these tabs of the Right Rear Wheel Leg and secure it into place with two (2) FM screws – one on each side of the Leg.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Next, align the pivot knuckles of the Folding Leg Upper and Folding Leg Lower together, as shown.

It is not easy to see, but there are tiny ‘stop’ tabs on the knuckle of each Folding Leg. When joined together correctly, the screw acts as the pivot point and the tabs touch each other to prevent it from opening backwards on itself:

As securing these two parts together can be fiddly, I recommend using the ABM screw to pre-thread the hole in this part first. Just drive it in and then remove it:

Secure these Folding Leg components together with one (1) ABM screw.

Tighten this screw only so much that the pivot movement is stiff, but not impossible:

Secure the tabs end of this Folding Leg assembly to the Right Rear Wheel Leg with one (1) AM screw, orienting the parts as shown:

Step 02

Retrieve your Gurney assembly from the previous stage. Align the ‘hooks’ of the Right Rear Wheel Leg assembly under these bars of the Gurney Lower Frame:

Fit a Rear Leg Fixing over the first hook, capturing the bar in between, and secure these parts together with one (1) FM screw:

In the same way, fit the other Rear Leg Fixing over the second hook and secure these parts together with one (1) more FM screw:

Step 03

Retrieve your unused Wheel Lock Pole Base from the previous stage. Slot one end of the Wheel Lock Pole between the tabs of the Pole Base, align the holes, and then secure these two parts together with one (1) AP screw as shown:

Next, fit the Wheel Lock to the other end of the Wheel Lock Pole and secure it into place with one (1) EP screw.

This Wheel Lock should be attached to the same side of the Pole as the AP screw we just installed. The EP screw should be snug, but not too tight:

Then, fit the Pole Base to this location on the underside of the Gurney Bed as shown, and secure it into place with four (4) YP screws.

The position of the black AP screw indicates the orientation in which to fit this part:

Finally, clip the C-clamp of the Wheel Lock onto the Right Front Wheel Leg as shown.

You should now be able to fold and extend this Wheel Leg:

Step 04

Fit the Proton Pack Support Brackets to the back of the Proton Pack Supports as shown, then secure them with four (4) GP screws:

Step 05

Align a Proton Pack Support assembly to the matching holes at this location on top of the Gurney, as shown, then secure it into place with four (4) YP screws.

There is an alignment pin on one leg of each Support that fits into a locating hole to orient it properly:

Retrieve your two Proton Pack Supports from the previous stage and install all three remaining Supports to the Gurney in the same way, using a total of twelve (12) more YP screws – four for each Support:

We have now completed our Gurney assembly and also this stage. Here is what it looks like with the Proton Packs fitted – awesome!


I am actually quite impressed with this Gurney. It is mostly made of metal, feels solid, and has perfectly working folding legs just like the real one. The Proton Packs only rest on it, and I hoped they would click into place, but with the heavy weight of the entire model I do not think they will move out of place easily. You can safely store the Gurney away for now as we won’t need it again until the model is done.

Next Up

Stage 128 – Front Lightbar Base/Supports/Foots/Foot Supports/Rotators/Gears/Gear Covers/Motors, Lubricating Oil

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