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“In this stage, you assemble the Modified Marine Radome Antenna, fitting it to the roof frame section.”




Materials: The Marine Radome Decals are vinyl and the rest of these parts are plastic.


Building the Frame

In the previous stage (Stage 132), I used Black Foam Clay inside these Roof Frame rails to try to make them solid and give them more strength. Check out that page for more details on this process:

Step 01

Retrieve your Roof Frame assembly from the previous stage. Fit the posts at one end of each Roof Frame Middle bar to these location inside the Roof Frame Right.

Make sure the hollow part of each Middle bar is facing down, as shown:

Secure these Frame Middle bars to the Frame Right with three (3) AP screws.

Try to keep the bars straight as you tighten these screws – they like to twist out of position as you do:

Next, fit the Roof Frame Left (from this stage) to the open ends of the Frame Middle bars and also align it to the end posts of the Roof Frame Lower and Roof Frame Rear, as shown:

Then, secure the Frame Left to the rest of the assembly with six (6) more AP screws:

I inadvertently installed one extra AP screw at the top rear corner as seen here. Save yourself some time and do not install this screw yet:

Assembling the Antenna

Step 02

Fit the Marine Radome Antenna to the Marine Radome Antenna Bottom, aligning the two screw holes to the posts.

I did this step before applying the decals so we would not have to handle the part as much once the decals are added. Note the pin on the Bottom part – this should end up on the side of the Antenna with the yellow label, as shown:

Secure these parts together with two (2) black AP screws:

Fit the Marine Radome Antenna to the top plate of the Marine Radome Mast as shown. Then, secure it into place from below with one (1) white AP screw:

The small alignment pin on the Antenna Bottom matches up to a locating hole of the Mast:

Soak the Marine Radome Decals in warm water for about 30 seconds. Carefully slide each decal off the backing paper and wrap them around the Marine Radome at these two locations.

When applying ‘water slide’ decals such as these, it helps to wet the surface of the part with water as well. Working one decal at a a time, I tend to use cotton swabs to slide the decal off the backing paper and gently nudge it into the proper place. Once you are happy with the position, lightly dab the decal with the cotton swab to remove any wrinkles/bubbles and soak up any excess water. Then, apply the second decal in the same way:

Instead of using the stock decals here, I started the first step towards installing all four Resurrect the Ecto-1 kits from Mike Lane Mods. Mike created these kits when Eaglemoss went bankrupt and left their customers stranded with unfinished builds. While I had not reached this point in the build when that happened, I still wanted to improve the accuracy, appearance, and operation of my roof rack by adding these mods. So, here we go!

NOTE: Mike was not able to create the kits in the same order as the build, so we will be jumping around the steps of each kit. I thought it would be better to insert them into the actual build stages where we are working to make the process easier to follow.

Mike Lane Mods Resurrect the Ecto-1: KIT 4 – STEP 7

Mike supplies peel-and-stick decals for these red stripes to use instead of the stock water slide decals. They are very easy to install:

Once the red stripes are installed, fit the Marine Radome Mast Top Support to the top of the Marine Radome Mast, as shown.

Fun Fact: The color of this Radome Mast has changed a few times. Our model is correct to the car seen in the movie. However, during the Sony Pictures restoration of the Ecto-1 we can see today, this Mast was incorrectly painted black:

Secure this Mast Top Support into place from the other side with one (1) white AP screw:

Next, fit the Marine Radome Mast Bottom Support to the bottom of the Marine Radome Mast, orienting it as shown:

Secure this Mast Bottom Support into place from the other side with one (1) more white AP screw:

Finally, slide the tabs of this Marine Radome Mast assembly into the matching slots at the left rear corner of the Roof Frame.

If you installed that extra Roof Frame screw earlier like I did, remove it now:

Then, we can slide the tabs of the Radome Mast assembly down into the Roof Frame, as shown:

Note that the forward leg of this Mast assembly has a rounded tab with a hole that should be pushed onto the matching pin of the Roof Frame Left:

Secure the left side of the Mast to the Roof Frame with one (1) black AP screw.

Now is when that pesky screw was supposed to be installed – Doh!

Secure the right leg of the Mast to the Roof Frame from above with one (1) white AP screw:

Here are two pictures of our work on the Roof Frame so far – looking good!


Our Roof Frame assembly is now complete and ready for the large white box and related components that will fill it up. We will begin working on this box in the next stage, but this Frame can be safely stored until we need it again later on.

Next Up

Stage 134 – Roof Panel, T.U. Antenna/Mount/Base, Warning Decals, Pipe

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