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“In this stage, you assemble the T.U. Antenna, aka the “Sniffer”, fitting it to the roof panel of your Ecto-1.”




Materials: The Warning Decals and Pipe are vinyl and the rest of these parts are plastic.


T.U. Antenna & Roof Panel

Assembling the Input Tubes
Step 01

Fit the two T.U. Antenna Input Tube Bottoms to the matching posts of the T.U. Antenna Input Tubes Top.

The posts of the Tubes Top farther from the white box are keyed, use these to align the matching posts of the Tube Bottoms as shown:

Secure these Tube Bottoms into place with four (4) GP screws.

Take care while installing these screws as the Tubes are delicate and can bend easily:

Next, fit the T.U. Antenna Swivel Mount into the open bottom of the Tubes Top as shown.

There is a tab and notch on these parts that should be lined up to each other:

Secure these together with two (2) ZP screws:

Then, peel the backing paper from the two Adhesive Pads and apply them to one side of each T.U. Antenna Side, as shown:

Remove the second backing paper from the Adhesive Pads and adhere them to the sides of the Tubes Top box, as shown:

Then, soak the Warning Decals in warm water for about 30 seconds. Carefully slide each decal off the backing paper and fit them to the outer sides of each ‘sniffer’ Tube, as shown.

I apologize for not showing how I apply water slide decals in the previous stage, but I will do so here. First, I cut one Warning Decal from the sheet:

I filled a small container with warm water and put the Decal in it, completely submerged as shown:

After about 30 seconds, I used tweezers to bring the Decal over to the Tube and align it where I wanted it (centered along the Tube, and directly on the side of it). Then, I used a cotton swab to gently hold the decal in place while I slid the backing paper out from underneath it:

Finally, I used the cotton swab to carefully roll the Decal onto the part, remove any bubbles or wrinkles, and soak up any excess water. This is the second Warning Decal installed on the other side:

Building the Sniffer

Step 02

NOTE: I changed this step a bit to make it easier to understand.

Fit the keyed post of the T.U. Antenna Swivel Base to the matching notch on top of the T.U. Antenna Base, as shown:

Next, fit the post of the T.U. Antenna Tubes assembly down through the Swivel Base, as shown:

Then, secure these parts together from the inside of the Antenna Base with one (1) IP screw,

The tighter this screw is, the harder it will be to rotate the TU Antenna Tubes around the base – adjust as desired:

Finally, fit the T.U. Antenna Base Bottom to the open end of the Antenna Base, as shown.

There is a small tab inside the Base that matches to this notch in the Base Bottom:

Secure the Base Bottom into place with two (2) IP screws:

Installing the Sniffer

Step 03

Fit the keyed post of the T.U. Antenna Base Bottom to the matching hole at this location on the Roof Panel, as shown:

Secure this T.U. Antenna assembly into place from below with one (1) IP screw:

Fit the Pipe between these pins of the Antenna Base and the Roof Panel, as shown.

It may be easier to install this Pipe if you slightly widen the ends with pointy tweezers or roll the ends between your fingers to soften them. On my model, I inserted a length of 22 Gauge Craft Wire inside the Pipe to give it the ability to be formed into the position I wanted (just like the Spark Plug Wires):

Once installed onto the pin and down the hole, I could use my fingers to bend the wire inside the Pipe and make it look more natural:

Mike Lane Mods Resurrect the Ecto-1: KIT 3 – STEP 4

As we continue our side-by-side installation of the Resurrect the Ecto-1 kits from Mike Lane, we jump over to the parts in Kit 3. This kit includes a completely built T.U. Antenna assembly, including an attached metal rod at the bottom that will soon connect to a motor and make it move:

The only actions required at this time are to apply the peel-and-stick decals supplied with the kit. Spares are included of each decal type:

First, the Radiation diamond decal should be placed to the right of this side hole on the base, as shown:

Second, adhere a large Danger decal to the left of the same hole and slightly lower, as shown:

Third, apply two small red Caution decals to the neck of the white Base and to the back of the T.U. Antenna, as shown. I centered my neck decal with the hole in the side of the Base.

Finally, apply two small Warning decals to the red tubes, centered along their length and directly on the sides as shown:

This step of Resurrect the Ecto-1 Kit 3 is now complete and ready for the next stages of parts to arrive:


The first of many pieces of specialized ghost busting equipment is install onto our Roof Box. Keep this assembly stored safely until the next shipment of parts arrives. The Tubes are delicate and can be bent or broken if mishandled.

Next Up

Stage 135 – HVAC Unit Base/Fan/Motor/Cable, Cross-Section Sensitivity Unit/Switches/Dials, Cables, Grounding Wire (Coming Soon)

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