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“In this stage, you attach the rear chassis and fender liners to the underside of the car, as well as fitting two shock absorbers for the rear suspension.”




Materials: While the big Rear Chassis is metal, the rest of the parts in this stage are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 8

  • Model Instructions
  • Bill Murray: The Legend of Wild Bill
  • Bathtub Monster: How the Bathtime Beast Was Created
  • Gary Montalbano: Concept Art
  • Ecto-101: The EPA

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Rear Chassis & Fender Liners

Step 01

Secure one of the Shock Absorbers to this hole of the Shock Absorber Bracket with one (1) AP screw, as shown:

Secure the other Shock Absorber to this hole of the Shock Absorber Bracket with one (1) more AP screw, as shown:

The tabs on the ends of these Shock Absorbers are at a slight angle. Once attached, the Shock Absorbers should angle AWAY from the Shock Absorber Bracket. Also, make sure you can rotate the Shock Absorbers a little after tightening these. We will need to move them around later:

Step 02

Fit the Shock Absorber Bracket to bottom of the Rear Chassis as shown, aligning the small pin and two screw posts:

Secure the Shock Absorber Bracket into place from the other side with two (2) JP screws:

Step 03

Fit the Left Rear Fender Liner to the Rear Chassis as shown, and secure with three (3) DM screws.

The two Rear Fender Liners are marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ so we can identify them. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Fit the Right Rear Fender Liner to the Rear Chassis as shown, and secure with three (3) more DM screws:

Step 04

Retrieve your Chassis assembly. Place the front edge of this Rear Chassis assembly over the rear edge of the Chassis assembly, aligning the six screws holes as shown:

Secure the Rear Chassis to the Chassis assembly with six (6) LM screws:

Retrieve the Rear Chassis Frame from the previous stage. Turn the entire Chassis over and fit this Rear Chassis Frame to the Rear Chassis as shown.

Make sure your two Shock Absorbers are pointing up through the center of the Rear Chassis Frame:

Also, make sure that the brake hoses do not get trapped between the Chassis and the Frame:

While holding this Rear Chassis Frame in place, turn the entire assembly over again, and secure the Rear Chassis Frame to the Rear Chassis with ten (10) CM screws:


Wow, with the final chassis pieces assembled, this thing is huge and already pretty heavy!

Next Up

Stage 24 – Front Fender Liners, Radiator Front/Rear/Cap/Tank, Overflow Tube

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