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“In this stage, you assemble the rear axle including the differential, as well as assembling the brake drums and backing plates for the rear wheels.”




Materials: The two Rear Axle components are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


Rear Axle & Brake Drums

Step 01

Fit the Rear Axle Top into the gap on top of the Rear Axle Bottom and secure these parts together with two (2) CM screws, as shown:

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Fit the post of the Differential Cover into the small hole of the Rear Axle assembly, as shown:

Secure the Differential Cover into place from the other side with one (1) IP screw:

Finally, fit the Differential Housing over this larger round opening, as shown.

There are two different sized locating pins on the housing that match the top and bottom holes around the large opening of the Rear Axle assembly:

Secure the housing into place with four (4) DM screws:

Step 02

The two Backing Plates are labeled ‘L’ and ‘R’ for the left and right sides:

Fit one of the Brake Drums over the Left Rear Backing Plate and secure these parts together with three (3) HP screws.

The cylinder on the Brake Drum should be aligned with the small circular recess in the backing plate:

Repeat this process with the other Brake Drum and Right Rear Backing Plate using three (3) more HP screws:


This stage was pretty straightforward and quick. Keep the two Brake Drum assemblies safe for now, they will be used later.

Next Up

Stage 31 – Left Rear Suspension Leaf Spring/Shackles/Clamp, Shock Absorber

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