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“In this stage, you assemble the battery box, fitting it to the underside of your Ecto-1.”




Materials: Everything non-electronic in this stage is plastic.

Magazine – Issue 11

  • Model Instructions
  • Richard Edlund
  • Jennifer Runyon: Peter Venkman’s Rigged ESP Test
  • Ron Croci: Concept Art
  • PKE Meter
  • Ecto-101: Isaac Asimov


Battery Box

NOTE: If you plan on using the Model Modz Power Mod instead of batteries, check out my Mod Zone at the end of this page before you start this stage. You can likely combine the install with this stage and only have to install things once.

Step 01

Place the Battery Box in the center of the Battery Box Upper Cover so the battery opening is facing down, as shown.

It matters which way you put this Battery Box in. It can fit either way, but should be installed like this:

This is because the two tabs of the Battery Box Cover will need to fit into these two slots opposite the catch:

Secure the Battery Box in place using four (4) IP screws:

Carefully feed the battery switch/plug up through the large hole of the Battery Box Lower Cover and fit this onto the Battery Box Upper Cover, as shown:

There are curved recesses on the sides that will only let you fit these together one way:

Secure these together with four (4) IP screws:

Turn the assembly over and snap the Battery Box Cover into place, as shown:

Step 02

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and carefully turn it over. Fit the three posts and the locating pin of the Battery Box Compartment Cover to the matching holes of the Rear Chassis, as shown.

This is where the locating pin will go:

I had to slide this underneath the Battery Box Frame cross bars first to get it into place:

While holding the Battery Box Compartment Cover in place, turn the Chassis assembly right side up, and secure this into place with three (3) IP screws:

Carefully feed the wires/switch of the Battery Box assembly down through the large hole of the Battery Box Compartment Cover and fit the Battery Box assembly to the Battery Box Frame, as shown:

The four locating  pins on the Battery Box Frame are not the same. The front pins are thicker than the rear pins, so this Battery Box will only fit one way. Make sure the pins are seated into the matching holes of the Battery Box, but it will not sit all the way down on the frame:

Lay the two Battery Box Brackets over the Battery Box and secure them to the Battery Box Frame using four (4) BM screws.

It is hard to see the brackets in the photos, but they are there. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 03

Turn the chassis back upright. Then, align the holes of the Battery Box switch to these holes of the Rear Chassis as shown, and secure it down with two (2) EM screws.

Pay attention to the orientation of the two wired pins of the switch. They should be facing the left rear wheel, as shown:

This matches the switch positions to the (I – On) and (O – Off) markings underneath the car:

UPDATE: I had already built up through Stage 54 when Model Modz released their Power Mod for our Ghostbusters Ecto-1. However, I wanted to come back to this stage to say this is the best point in the build to install it, so if you are interested, check out my Ecto-1 Power Mod Install:


The first wiring has arrived and with a car that needs six AAA batteries, there are going to be a lot of electrics. I can’t wait!

Next Up

Stage 36 – Steering Wheel/Cap, Indicator Stalk, Control Lever, Fuel Tube

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