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“In this stage, you fit the fuel tube to the underside of your model and receive parts for the steering wheel which will be used later.”




Materials: Everything in this stage is plastic, except for the very nicely detailed Steering Wheel which is metal.


Fuel Tube & Steering Wheel Parts

Step 01

Slide the D-Shaped post of the Indicator Stalk into the matching hole of the Control Lever, as shown:

Step 02

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and turn it over. Push the D-shaped pin on the end of the Fuel Tube all the way into this hole in the side of the battery box, as shown:

The other end of the Fuel Tube should line up with this mounting hole in the Chassis:

Secure the other end of the Fuel Tube to the Chassis from the top side with one (1) IP screw:


That was s quick and simple stage! Keep the Indicator Stalk assembly (as well as the unused Steering Wheel and Steering Wheel Center Cap) somewhere safe for now as they will be needed in a later stage.

Next Up

Stage 37 – Dashboard Lower Panel/Supports, Brake Pedal/Cover

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