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“In this stage, you receive parts for your model’s electrical system and fit the brake pedal switch.”




Materials: Everything in this stage is electrical.


Brake Pedal Switch & Wires

Step 01

Retrieve your Dashboard Lower Panel assembly from the previous stage. Fit the switch on the end of the Brake Pedal Switch (Black) (part 38F labeled ‘G’) to this location of the Dashboard Lower Panel.

The locating pin on the switch goes into the lower hole while the top hole is for the screw, as shown:

Secure this switch into place with one (1) EP screw.

Make sure these two metal contacts are not touching each other. They should be open, like this. Gently bend them if you need to:

Step 02

Retrieve the Brake Pedal and Brake Pedal Cover from the previous stage. Fit the pins of the Brake Pedal into these recesses of the Dashboard Lower Panel, as shown:

Place the Brake Pedal Cover on top of these pins as shown, and secure with two (2) EP screws.

There appears to be no spring for the Brake Pedal, so only the switch itself provides the resistance to Brake Pedal movement. Because of this, I suggest being gentle when operating the Brake Pedal. Operating it forcefully could bend the switch contacts permanently and possibly impair the function of this switch:

The remaining wires supplied in this stage were not used, but I took this picture to share the lengths, colors, and labels:


Another short issue and more parts to store. I want to build! Keep all of the unused wires safe for now; they will be needed in Stage 41.

Next Up

Stage 39 – Glove Box. Steering Column Cover, Control Panels

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