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“In this stage, you assemble and fit the glove box, as well as fitting the control panels to the steering column cover.”

Before we get started on this first stage of Issue 12, I wanted to mention that they included a free replacement Front License Plate with the shipment. This plate includes *all* of the border lines included as well as silver-painted screw screws, unlike the original one we received with Stage 1. It appears to be much more accurate to the restored Ecto-1. More importantly, it was taped to the inside lid of the shipping box, so keep an eye out for it:

It was an easy two screw job to replace the existing plate on my front bumper assembly. Here is a before and after comparison:



Materials: Everything in this stage is plastic.

Magazine – Issue 12

  • Model Instructions
  • William Atherton: Playing Walter Peck
  • Ghostbusters II Location Guide: Art Director Tom Duffield
  • The Second Slimer: Played by Robin Shelby
  • Ecto-101: Max Von Sydow


Glove Box & Control Panels

Step 01

Retrieve your Dashboard Lower Panel assembly from the previous stage. Fit the pegs on either end of the Glove Box Door into these slots of the Dashboard Lower Panel assembly, as shown:

Fit the Glove Box Panel over the pegs/notches, and secure with four (4) BP screws, as shown:

Step 02

These control panels look very similar, but are indeed different. The parts list is also printed with incorrect part numbers 38E and 38F, when these are actually parts 39E and 39F:

Also, the instructions do not mention it, but they ARE marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ on the back:

Firmly, but carefully push the two pegs of the Ventilation Control Panel (marked ‘L’) into this opening on the left side of the Steering Column Cover Top until it is seated all the way:

In the same way, push the two pegs of the Heater Control Panel into this opening on the right side of the Steering Column Cover Top:

Step 03

Fit this Steering Column Cover Top to the Steering Column Cover Bottom as shown, and secure into place with two (2) IP screws:

Step 04

Fit this assembly to the Dashboard Lower Panel as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) IP screws:

This should fit snug against the Dashboard Lower Panel:


I am quite pleased with the printed details on the control panels! These really improve the quality of the build. These steps were simple, but it was tricky to get the Control Panel pins to line up so you could push them in; they are quite small parts.

Next Up

Stage 40 – Dashboard Upper Panel, Ammeter, Clock, Spotlight Handle, Hydramatic Quadrant

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