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“In this stage, you fit the supports to the front seat base.”




Materials: While the Front Seatback Supports are metal, the rest of these parts are plastic.


Front Seat Base Supports

Step 01

Place the T-shaped ends of the Front Seatback Supports into the these matching locations of the Front Seat Base, as shown:

Fit a Front Seatback Support Bracket over the end of each Front Seatback Support, as shown.

There is an locating pin on each Front Seatback Support Bracket to align these into place:

Secure the Front Seatback Support Brackets to the Front Seat Base with sixteen (16) EP screws, four on each bracket.

Once complete, you should be able to pivot each bracket forward a bit:


This front bench seat is going to take three stages to build. This was just the base. Keep it secure for now until the next stages arrive.

Next Up

Stage 47 – Front Seat, Front Seat Sponge/Inner/Base Bracket

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