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“In this stage, you fit the front seats parts to the front seat base parts from the previous phase of assembly.”




Materials: The Front Seat is a soft rubber-like material, the Front Seat Sponge is a… sponge, and the rest of the parts are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 14

  • Model Instructions
  • Kurt Fuller: His Breakout Role
  • The Puppet Master: An Interview with Terri Hardin
  • Ecto-1 Concept Art: Stephen Dane’s Ectomobile Concepts
  • Possessed! Howie Weed on playing demon Ray
  • Ecto-101: New York Public Library


Front Seat Parts

Step 01

Insert the Front Seat Sponge into the Front Seat cavity, aligning the cutout notches. Then, place the Front Seat Inner on top of the Front Seat Sponge, again aligning the cutout notches, as shown:

My Front Seat Sponge was already inside my Front Seat within the packaging, so I only had to align the notches and insert the Front Seat Inner:

Make sure each of the tabs of the Front Seat have been pulled away and lifted on top of the Front Seat Inner screw holes, as shown:

Secure the Front Seat Inner to the Front Seat using eleven (11) MP screws:

Step 02

Retrieve your Front Seat Base from the previous stage. Fit the two Front Seat Base Brackets to the bottom of the Front Seat Base, aligning the locating pins and screw holes on each, as shown:

Secure these brackets to the base from the other side with four (4) AP screws, two on each side:

Step 03

Fit your Front Seat assembly built in Step 01 to the top of the Front Seat Base, making sure the four upright supports fit through the notches at the rear of the Front Seat, as shown:

While holding these parts, secure them together from the bottom with eight (8) IP screws:


I am quite happy with the feel and ‘sponginess’ of this seat. The surface is flexible and quite realistic looking.

Next Up

Stage 48 – Front Seatbacks, Front Seatback Bases/Inners/Sponges/Sides

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