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“In this stage, you assemble the driver and passenger seatbacks, fitting them to the front bench assembled over the previous [stages].”




Materials: These Front Seatbacks are a soft rubber-like material, the Front Seatback Sponges are sponges, and the rest is plastic.

NOTE: If you can’t find all the screw bags in this stage, try looking underneath the sponges in the seatbacks; these were hiding:


Driver and Passenger Seatbacks

All of the parts in this stage are marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ for left and right sides. Keep this in mind while assembling these seatbacks. For example:

Step 01

In a similar way to the previous stage, insert a Seatback Sponges into the cavity of the Front Left Seatback (marked ‘L’). Then, place the Front Left Seatback Inner (marked ‘L’) on top of the Seatback Sponge. Each of the tabs of the Front Left Seatback need to pulled away and lifted on top of the Front Left Seatback Inner screw holes, as shown:

As before, my sponges were already inside the seatbacks so I just popped the inner into place:

Make sure you align these notches of the Front Seat Back Inner with the matching notches of the Front Left Seatback:

Secure the Front Left Seatback Inner to the Front Left Seatback using six (6) MP screws:

Repeat this process using the Front Right Seatback (marked ‘R’), Front Right Seatback Inner (marked ‘R’), and the remaining Seatback Sponge:

Now, fit the Front Left Seatback Base into the rear opening of the Left Seatback assembly and secure with six (6) AP screws, as shown:

Finally, repeat the previous process on the Right Seatback assembly using six (6) more AP screws:

Step 02

Retrieve your Front Seat Base assembly from the previous stage. Fit the grooves of the Front Left Seatback assembly (with the locating pin on the left as seen below) onto the left two Front Seatback Supports, as shown:

Secure the Front Left Seatback to the Front Seatback Supports with four (4) AP screws:

Fit the Front Left Seatback Side (marked ‘L’) over the locating pin on the back of the Front Left Seatback assembly, align the screw holes, and secure into place with two (2) LP screws:

Repeat this process on the right side of the Front Seat Base using the Front Right Seatback assembly and Front Right Seatback Side (marked ‘R’), as shown:

The front seat is now complete. You should be able to fold each side forward and back as desired:

Step 03

Retrieve your Front Inner Floor assembly from Stage 45. Align the four posts (and two pins) on the bottom of the Front Seat Base Brackets to the matching holes in the Front Inner Floor to fit the seats into place, as shown.

If you have the rubber carpets (floor mats) installed, you may have to move them around a bit to get this to sit flush against the floor surface. I have the Mike Lane Carpets, so this was not a problem on my build:

Secure the front seats to the floor from below with four (4) DP screws:


I like that these seatbacks can actually recline and lean forward. It is a nice touch!

Next Up

Stage 49 – Driver’s Side Rear Workstation, Phone Cradle/Bracket

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