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“In this stage, you begin assembling the second jump seat.”




Materials: As with the previous seats, this seat is made from rubber, sponge, and plastics (there is no metal).


Second Jump Seat

Step 01

Fit the Jump Seat Sponge into the Jump Seat. Then, fit the Jump Seat Interior over the Jump Seat Sponge and secure it to the Jump Seat with four (4) MP screws.

We have done this a few times already in the previous stages. If you need clarification, check out those steps:

Step 02

Align this seat assembly to the four matching raised circles on top of the silver Jump Seat Base, as shown.

This seat can fit on the base either way, pick the one that looks best to you:

Secure the Jump Seat to the base from below with four (4) EP screws:

Step 03

Fit the Jump Seat Support to the rear edge of the Jump Seat Base, align the screw holes, and secure it into place with two (2) EP screws:


Another seat, fun! This should be our last one. Keep the unused Jump Seat Base Connector nearby as we will need it in the next stage.

Next Up

Stage 57 – Jump Seat Seatback, Jump Seat Seatback Frame/Interior/Sponge

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