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“In this stage, you fit the kick frame and door catch to the body rear frame, as well as fitting the rear frame to the middle frame.”




Materials: The Body Rear Frame here is metal, but the other two parts are plastic.


Kick Frame, Door Catch & Rear Frame

Step 01

Before working on this frame, remove the white metal strip from the Body Rear Frame.

These metal strips are designed to support the frame during shipping. However, I am going to leave them in place until I have to remove them. This Body assembly will be handled a lot over the following stages, so keeping these strips installed ensures I don’t accidently bend it out of shape.

If you would like remove them now, the strips (and the white screws) can be removed and discarded. They will not be needed again:

Step 02

Fit the three posts of the chrome Rear Door Kick Frame into the matching holes at the bottom of the rear door opening.

This Rear Door Kick Frame has angled ends, so only fits correctly one way:

Secure the Rear Door Kick Frame into place from below with three (3) QP screws:

Secure the Rear Door Catch to the left side of the rear door opening as shown, using one (1) BM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 03

Retrieve your Body Frame assembly from the previous stage. Slide this Body Rear Frame assembly down onto it from above, as shown.

It is hard to describe this step in more detail, but you will be able to see how this lines up by trying it yourself:

In order for this Body Rear Frame to sit down flush on the Body Middle Frame, these three dovetail joints on top must match up:

On my Ecto-1, the right-side dovetail joint was being blocked by too much paint at the corner of the ‘male’ tab. I needed to lightly sand down this section of the joints to get the frames to fit together correctly. I didn’t worry too much about ruining the paint here as this will all be covered up later on:

On the right side, secure the Body Rear Frame to the Body Middle Frame with two (2) HM screws:

In the same way, on the left side, secure the Body Rear Frame to the Body Middle Frame with two (2) more HM screws:


Oh my, this thing is HUGE! It barely fits on my work surface now. To think we are going to have to add all the body panels, doors, windows, roof, roof rack, and more to this thing is mind boggling. I can’t wait!

Next Up

Stage 71 – Hood Hinge Right Parts/Spring, Hood Inner Frame, Hood Lock/Handle

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