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“In this stage, you fit the front window and frame to your model.”




Materials: Everything in this stage is plastic.


Front Window and Frame

Step 01

Retrieve your Body Frame assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Front Window into the windshield opening.

This Front Window comes with a thin vinyl sheet applied. Normally, this should be removed, but I am going to leave it in place for now to protect the window from scratches:

Fit the Front Window Frame on top of the Front Window.

There are six posts on the Front Window Frame that match up to three holes in the Body Front Frame and three holes in the Roof. If you left the vinyl protector sheet in place like I did, you may need to peel the edges of the sheet back a little so they don’t get caught under the frame.

Also, since we need to turn the Body Frame upside down to attach these parts, I recommend securing them in place with painter’s tape or similar:

Secure the Front Window Frame into place from below (capturing the Front Window) with six (6) EP screws:


It was nice to end this issue with an easy stage. The windshield and chrome frame look fantastic!

Next Up

Stage 79 – Sun Visor Front/Rear/Adjuster/Supports

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  1. Hi, could not find a different way to contact you, but on your COLORS webpage, the link to the weathering powders is incorrect; it links to the sharpies

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