STAGES 81-90

This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Stage 81 – Left Front Window Frame/Support/Top Cover/Skirting, Quarter Light Window
  • Stage 82 – Left Front Window, Left Front Door Trim, Door Side Panels, Lock Base/Bin/Spring, Stickers
  • Stage 83 – Left Front Door Inner Panel, Window Lever, Gears, Window Arm, Crank Handle, Arm Rest, Stickers
  • Stage 84 – Left Front Door Inner Skirting/Lock/Catch, Left Rear Door/Handle/Hinge/Hinge Cover
  • Stage 85 – Left Rear Door Window/Top Trim, Door Side Panels, Lock Base/Pin/Spring
  • Stage 86 – Left Rear Door Window Frame, Window Frame Skirting, Sticker
  • Stage 87 – Left Rear Door Inner Panel, Gears, Sticker
  • Stage 88 – Gears, Window Lever, Interior Door Handle, Left Rear Door Inner Spring/Catch/Door Lock, Switch Cover
  • Stage 89 – Left Rear Window Frame, Window Frame Skirting
  • Stage 90 – Window Frame Center Skirting, Left Rear Windows