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“In this stage, you begin working on the window mechanism for the left rear door.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 24

  • Model Instructions
  • Painting the Town: Ghostbusters’ Matte Artist Michele Moen
  • Chartbusters! The Bestselling Soundtrack
  • The Burning Man: Tony Cecere
  • Michael C. Gross: Producer and Art Director
  • Ecto-101: The Poltergeist Connection


Left Rear Door Window Mechanism

NOTE: While working on this door panel, take care not to damage the delicate lock pin:

Step 01

Fit Gear 1 over the upper post of the Left Rear Door Inner Panel and secure it with one (1) HP screw, as shown.

Do not over-tighten these gear screws. They need to be tight enough to prevent wobble, but also allow smooth rotation:

Fit Gear 2 over the lower post of the Left Rear Door Inner Panel, meshing its gears with Gear 1, and secure it with one (1) UP screw as shown:

Step 02

Peel the Stickers from their backing paper and stick them to the upper inner edge of the Left Rear Door Inner Panel, as shown.

As before, I tried to place these so the top edge of the Stickers would not be visible from outside the door:


I am actually quite surprised that we have been supplied window mechanisms in all of these doors. I figured they would only include the mechanisms to roll down the front doors. Nice!

Next Up

Stage 88 – Gears, Window Lever, Interior Door Handle, Left Rear Door Inner Spring/Catch/Door Lock, Switch Cover

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