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“In this phase, you fit the skirting to the right rear window.”

This stage will be the same as Stage 89, just on the other side of the car.



Materials: The Skirting parts are metal and the Left Rear Window Frame is plastic.


Right Rear Window Frame & Skirting

Step 01

Remove the adhesive backing paper from the Window Frame Right Skirting and gently stick it to the right end of the Right Rear Window Frame, aligning it as shown:

Step 02

Carefully bend the rear end of the Window Frame Top Skirting to match the shape of the top groove in the Right Rear Window Frame.

This skirting only needed to be bent (and twisted a little) at the very rear end to match the frame. When bending these skirting parts, take your time and make small adjustments. Keep fitting the part to the frame until it is close to the right shape, as shown:

This adhesive is not as ‘sticky’ as I would have preferred. To help this skirting stay in place, I added some tiny drops of super glue under the skirting and attached a couple of clamps until the glue dried:

After a few minutes, I removed the clamps and the skirting remained in place just fine:

In a similar fashion, carefully bend the Window Frame Left Skirting to match the shape of the rear groove in the Right Rear Window Frame:

Remove the adhesive backing paper from the Window Frame Left Skirting and gently fit it to the window frame, as shown.

Like before, I used some tiny drops of super glue and a clamp until it dried:


This Skirting is not that much fun to install. The ‘detail’ really should just be molded into the plastic frame. Still, we made it good enough!

Next Up

Stage 101 – Window Frame Center Skirting, Right Rear Windows

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