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“In this stage, you fit the door handle and rear view mirror support to the right front door.”

This stage will be the same as Stage 80, just with the opposite front door.

NOTE: It has been acknowledged that this Right Front Door incorrectly includes the side rear view mirror. On the real car, this mirror did not exist. A replacement door without the mirror slot will be supplied with Stage 107. If you want your model to be accurate, wait for the new door before completing stages 91-94. If you choose to build the door included in these stages, you will have to take it all apart again when the replacement door arrives. I am still going to assemble these next four stages just to show the process. I will return here when the replacement door arrives.



Materials: Everything is metal here except for the plastic Rear View Mirror Support and Washers. The Ghostbuster Logo is a sticker.

Magazine – Issue 25

  • Model Instructions
  • The Titanic: Ned Gorman on Raising the Titanic
  • Subway Ghost: Melody Pena on her Creature Design
  • Wilhelm Von Homburg: The Actor Behind Vigo
  • The Slimer Blower: The Tool Used to Defeat Vigo
  • Ecto-101: Breakfast Cereals


Right Front Door Handle & Rear View Mirror

NOTE: I received my copy of Stage 91 from Eaglemoss back in September 2021 and have been hanging onto it ever since. This is because it was discovered by the community that the Right Front Door (91A) incorrectly had a mounting point for a side mirror (arrow below). The real Ecto-1 actually did not have this mirror. While the error was eventually corrected later on in the manufacturing calendar, and a replacement Right Front Door was supposed to be coming with Stage 107, Eaglemoss went out of business after I received my parts through Stage 106:

Thankfully, when Fanhome revived this partwork build, the corrected replacement Right Front Door was indeed included with Stage 107 and that is the door I will be using in this stage.

Step 01

These steps were not completed as the Right Front Door of our Ecto-1 should not have a side mirror:

    • Fit the tab of the Rear View Mirror Support through this slot of the Right Front Door.
    • Secure this Rear View Mirror Support into place from the other side with one (1) TP screw.

Fit the pin and post of the Door Handle to the matching holes on the Right Front Door, as shown:

Secure the Door Handle into place from the other side with one (1) AM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Lay the ‘bar’ of the Hinge into the groove at the front edge of the Right Front Door with the ‘R’ on the Hinge facing away from you.

Make sure this angled edge of the Hinge is facing the outside of the door, as shown:

Place the Hinge Cover over the nearby posts on the Right Front Door so it holds the Hinge in place, as shown:

Fit the two Washers over the same posts, as shown:

Secure all of these parts to the Right Front Door with two (2) RM screws.

The tighter you make these screws, the more resistance the door will have to opening and closing. Adjust them accordingly:

Step 03

Peel the Ghostbusters Logo from the backing paper and carefully stick it to the outside of the Right Front Door. The diagonal line through the center of the sticker should be at a 45° angle to the bottom of the door.

The replacement door I received already had the sticker applied. If you are using the original door in this stage, the sticker is centered and angled as such:

As with my Left Front Door in Stage 80, I installed a rub-on dry transfer Ghostbusters logo from Mike Lane to my Right Front Door. This process includes removing any existing decal and can be found on my Door Transfer Kit page.

With this mod installed, we can use the provided logo sticker for any other purpose we want:


After two years of waiting for parts, we are finally back to building our Ghostbusters Ecto-1 thanks to Fanhome! I have some catching up to do, so the next few issues of parts should come out much quicker than usual.

Just like the Left Front Door, this one did not have the sticker applied already. However, I did hear that the logo sticker *IS* pre-applied to the Rear Door we will soon receive. The updated replacement door that arrived with Stage 107 (used here) also had the sticker pre-applied.

Next Up

Stage 92 – Right Front Window Frame, Support/Top Cover/Skirting, Right Quarter Light Window

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