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“In this stage, you fit the locking mechanism to the right front door.”

This stage will be the same as Stage 82, just with the opposite front door.

NOTE: It has been acknowledged that this Right Front Door incorrectly includes the side rear view mirror. On the real car, this mirror did not exist. A replacement door without the mirror slot will be supplied with Stage 107. If you want your model to be accurate, wait for the new door before completing stages 91-94. If you choose to build out the door included in these stages, you will have to take it all apart again when the replacement door arrives. I am using the updated replacement door here.



Materials: The Lock Spring is metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic. The Stickers are adhesive felt.


Right Front Window & Door Lock

Step 01

Retrieve your Right Front Door assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Right Front Door Top Trim to the upper inner edge of the Right Front Door as shown, and secure it in place with two (2) SM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Fit Door Side Panel 1 into the opening at the front edge of the Right Front Door, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Secure Door Side Panel 1 into place with two (2) DM screws:

Fit Door Side Panel 2 into the opening at the rear edge of the Right Front Door, aligning the screw holes as shown.

Make sure this tab (circled below) is aligned inside the door:

Secure Door Side Panel 2 into place with two (2) more DM screws:

Step 03

Slide the Lock Spring over the ‘long’ end of the Lock Pin, as shown:

Fit this ‘long’ end of the Lock Pin into the round end of the Lock Base, as shown:

While holding this Lock assembly together, slide the ‘short’ end of the Lock Pin into this hole in Door Side Panel 2 (arrow below), align the pin and screw hole of the Lock Base to the matching post inside the Right Front Door, and secure it all in place with one (1) DM screw, as shown:

With this installed, you should be able to push the end of the Lock Pin into the Door Panel 2. This pin is what will keep the door closed:

Step 04

Peel the two Stickers from their backing paper and apply them to the inside lower edge of the Right Front Window Frame, as shown. These will keep the window from getting scratched as it is opened and closed.

I tried to place these so the top edge of the Stickers would not be visible from outside the door:


As with the previous front door, we did not use the Right Front Window here, but it will be needed in the next stage so keep it nearby.

Next Up

Stage 94 – Right Front Door Inner Panel, Window Lever/Vent Crank, Gears, Window Mechanism, Arm Rest, Stickers

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