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“In this stage, you assemble the window lever mechanism and fir the inner and outer door parts together.”

This stage will be the same as Stage 83, just with the opposite front door.

NOTE: It has been acknowledged that this Right Front Door incorrectly includes the side rear view mirror. On the real car, this mirror did not exist. A replacement door without the mirror slot will be supplied with Stage 107. If you want your model to be accurate, wait for the new door before completing stages 91-94. If you choose to build out the door included in these stages, you will have to take it all apart again when the replacement door arrives. I am using the updated replacement door here.



Materials: The Window Lever and Gear 1 are metal and the rest is plastic. The Stickers are adhesive felt.


Window Lever Mechanism

Step 01

Push the D-shaped post of the Window Lever through this hole of the Right Front Door Inner Panel, as shown.

Remember, the small upright lock indicator (circled below) is delicate so take care not to break this off while handling this Panel:

On the back side, slide the D-shaped hole of Gear 1 over the exposed D-shaped post of the Window Lever.

The instructions show this Gear 1 installed with the small round ridge facing up as seen below. However, I found it works much better with the ridged face towards the door. The following pictures were taken before I flipped it over, hence the (!) shown here:

Secure Gear 1 to the Window Lever with one (1) KM screw.

Do not over-tighten these gear screws – the Window Lever should be able to rotate all of the gears freely. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Fit Gear 2 over the lower post of the Right Front Door Inner Panel and then fit Gear 3 over the post to the right, as shown.

Ensure the teeth of all three gears teeth are meshing together:

Secure Gear 3 in place with one (1) UP screw (red circle) and Gear 2 in place with one (1) HP screw (yellow circle), as shown:

Step 02

Press the D-shaped pin of the Window Vent Crank Handle into this matching hole of the Right Front Door Inner Panel:

Fit the keyed post of the Interior Door Handle into this matching hole of the Right Front Door Inner Panel:

Secure the Interior Door Handle in place from behind with one (1) EP screw:

Step 03

Push the two pins of the Arm Rest Top into the matching holes of the Arm Rest Bottom, as shown:

Fit the pin and post of this Arm Rest assembly into these holes of the Right Front Door Inner Panel, as shown:

Secure the Arm Rest assembly into place from behind with one (1) EP screw:

Step 04

Remove the backing paper from the two Stickers and stick them to these locations along the top inner edge of the Right Front Door Inner Panel, as shown.

As before, I tried to place these so the top edge of the Stickers would not be visible from outside the door:

Retrieve your Right Front Window from the previous stage. Fit the post of the Window Mechanism Arm up through the slot in the Right Front Window and secure with one (1) UP screw.

Make sure the Right Front Window is orientated the correct way. The visible letter ‘R’ on both parts should be upright and readable, as shown. Also, take care handling this assembly as the window will be free to rotate about this screw and could be scratched before it is mounted to the door:

Flip this window assembly over and fit the two raised circular sections of the Window Mechanism Arm over the posts of Gear 3, as shown:

Secure the Window Mechanism Arm to Gear 3 with two (2) IP screws:

Step 05

Retrieve your Right Front Door assembly from the previous stage. Slide the Right Front Door Inner panel assembly up to the interior of the door, making sure the Right Front Window is tucked under this tab (circled below):

Once the window is started, we can gently set the Inner Panel down into place on the Door, as shown:

Begin securing the Right Front Door Inner Panel to the Right Front Door with three (3) DM screws, as shown:

Finish securing the Right Front Door Inner Panel to the Right Front Door with one (1) IP screw here:


We are really close to completing our Right Front Door – there are only a few trim pieces to add in the next stage!

Next Up

Stage 95 – Right Front Door Skirting/Lock/Catch, Right Rear Door/Handle/Hinge

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