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“In this stage, you fit the finishing parts to the right front door and fit it to the body shell, as well as beginning to work on the right rear door.”

This stage will be the same as Stage 84, just on the other side of the car.



Materials: The Right Rear Door, Hinge, and Hinge Cover are metal, but the other parts are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 26

  • Model Instructions
  • Slavitza Jovan: The Actress Who Played Gozer
  • Zombie Taxi Driver: How Steve Johnson Built the Ghoul
  • No Ghost Logo: Designing the Iconic Symbol
  • Henry Mayo Concepts: The Artist’s GBII Illustrations
  • Ecto-101: Joe Namath


Right Front Door Skirting & Right Rear Door Handle

Step 01

Retrieve your Right Front Door assembly from the previous stage. Push the pins of the four Right Front Door Inner Skirting parts into the matching holes of the Right Front Door Inner Panel.

The Door Inner Skirting parts are designated 95A, 95B, 95C, and 95D in order from longest one to the shortest one. The pins on each part will only allow them to be installed the correct way:

Attach them into the Right Front Door Inner Panel as shown:

Step 02

Press the D-shaped pin of the Right Front Door Lock into the matching hole under the Right Front Door Handle, as shown:

Retrieve your Body assembly from Stage 90. Fit the Right Front Door Catch into this slot of the right side B-pillar, as shown:

Secure the Right Front Door Catch into place with one (1) BM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Carefully turn the Body assembly upside down on a soft cloth. Fit the two posts of the Right Front Door Hinge into the matching holes at the front edge of the right front door opening:

Secure the hinge from the inside with two (2) JM screws.

There is a small amount of room to adjust the door alignment with these screws, if needed:

Turn the Body right side up and take a moment to ensure the door opens and closes correctly.

My Right Front Door fit quite well right away. However, I did slightly bend to top half of the door towards the body to close up a small gap:

Step 03

Fit the pin and post of the Right Rear Door Handle to the matching holes on the Right Rear Door, as shown:

Secure the Right Rear Door Handle into place from the other side with one (1) AM screw:

Step 04

Lay the ‘bar’ of the Right Rear Door Hinge into the groove of the Right Rear Door with the ‘R’ on the hinge facing away from you.

Like before, make sure this angled edge (arrow below) is facing the outside of the door:

Place the Right Rear Door Hinge Cover over the nearby posts on the Right Rear Door so it holds the hinge in place:

Fit the two Washers over the same posts:

Secure all of these parts to the Right Rear Door with two (2) RM screws.

As I mentioned before, the tighter you make these screws, the more resistance the door will have to opening and closing. Adjust them accordingly:


I am happy to finally see our replacement Right Front Door mounted to the Body! We still have more doors to build, so these next few stages will feel quite familiar.

Next Up

Stage 96 – Right Rear Door Window/Top Trim, Door Side Panels, Lock Base/Pin/Spring

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