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“In this stage, you begin working on the window mechanism for the right rear door.”

This stage will be the same as Stage 88, just on the other side of the car.



Materials: Gear 3Gear 4, and the Window Lever are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 27

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  • Master Builder: Model-maker Pat McClung
  • Slime Time: How Ghostbusters Slime was Made
  • Laszlo Kovacs: Profile of the Great Cinematographer
  • Ghostbusters II Costumes: As Designed by Gloria Gresham
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Completing Right Rear Door


Step 01

Fit the keyed post of the Interior Door Handle to this matching hole of the Right Rear Door Inner Panel:

Secure the Interior Door Handle in place from behind with one (1) EP screw:

Step 02

Fit the post of the Window Lever through this hole of the Right Rear Door Inner Panel:

Then, fit Gear 3 onto the exposed post of the Window Lever from the other side, and secure it all with one (1) KM screw as shown.

Gear 3 is the one with the D-shaped center hole. I recommend facing the raised center part on one side of the Gear 3 towards the door. Do not over-tighten these screws or the window mechanism will not turn. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Finally, fit Gear 4 over this last post of the Right Rear Door Inner Panel, and secure it into place with one (1) UP screw:

Step 03

Retrieve your Right Rear Door Window from Stage 85. Fit the slot of this window over the post on the end of Gear 2, and secure with one (1) UP screw.

If you are not sure which way the window should be fitted, just make sure the ‘R’ on the window (circled below) is backwards, as shown:

Step 04

Retrieve your Right Rear Door assembly from Stage 86. Fit this Inner Panel assembly to the inside of the Right Rear Door.

The only real way to fit these parts together is to slide the upper edge of the window underneath these two tabs of the door (arrows below), then carefully slide the entire panel/window assembly up into place. There is a groove in the door the windows slides along:

Also, make sure the Hinge is out of the way as you fit the panel into place, aligning the screw holes to the posts of the Door:

Secure the lower edge of the Inner Panel to the Right Rear Door with two (2) DM screws:

Secure the upper edge of the Inner Panel to the Right Rear Door with two (2) IP screws:

Push the pins of the two Right Rear Door Inner Skirting parts into these two grooves of the Right Rear Door Inner Panel, as shown.

Both Right Rear Door Inner Skirting parts are identical. Also, the pins of the skirting will only align to the matching holes of the panel one way:

Push the D-shaped post of the Right Rear Door Lock into this matching hole under the Right Rear Door Handle:

This is what our completed Right Rear Door should look like:

Step 05

Retrieve your Chassis assembly and disconnect the Rear Right Door Switch cable (marked ‘X’):

Retrieve your Body assembly and fit the switch of the Rear Right Door Switch cable into this notch behind the right rear door opening.

I did need to bend the wires of the switch to the side a bit to make it fit a little better:

When the switch is fitted correctly, it should look like this:

Secure the Rear Right Door Switch to the Body Middle Frame with the Switch Cover and two (2) DM screws, as shown.

Do not over-tighten these screws as the plastic Switch Cover can split quite easily. To make sure this switch is operating correctly, use a thin tool (like these tweezers) to push the switch lever towards the center of the body. If you can not, you might need to re-orient your switch:

Make sure the wiring of this switch passes through this notch in the Body (arrow below), as shown.

Step 06

Fit the Right Rear Door Catch into this slot above the Rear Right Door Switch and secure it with one (1) DM screw, as shown:

Carefully turn the Body assembly upside down on a soft cloth. Fit the hinge of the Right Rear Door to this location on the body at the left-side B pillar:

Secure the hinge into place with two (2) UM screws.

There is a small amount of ‘wiggle’ room with these screws if you need to adjust the alignment of the door:

That step concludes this stage. We should be able to open and close this Right Rear Door without any issues.


This door installed just fine and fit nicely into the Body. Only one more door to go!

Next Up

Stage 100 – Right Rear Window Frame/Skirting

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