4 thoughts on “Eaglemoss BANKRUPT!”

  1. Man I hope the build has a happy end result.
    My last issue I received was part of a buy x number of stages thing.
    It makes me wish I picked the maximum each time.
    I’m at stage 118 of 141.. So close~!!
    If only my last issue was with the light bars then I feel like I could figure out how to piece the rest together on my own somehow (3d printing and other means).
    But without the tiny motors and the light bar assembly I’m SOL right now…

    I hope either the US portion can finish this out or someone buys out eaglemoss and finishes these subs..

    1. It seems that I am at exactly the same place you are. My last received kit was #118.

      I signed up early on to receive 12 kits per shipment instead of the standard four, because I didn’t want this to drag out over three years.

      Do we even know if the parts past #118 have been produced for the US market? I have seen some builders in the UK with parts past kit #118 but do we know if are they are normal builders or were feed parts directly from Eaglemoss?

      I really am hoping for some good news on all of this. I’m still hoping to finish my Ecto-1 build.

  2. I feel for the folks deep into this build. My spydy senses made be bail after my intro kit. 2nd kit was “delayed”, this seemed odd since some folks were on stage 75+ by then and EM was presumably well into production. Calling EM customer service further reinforced the idea that they may be in chaos due to them not being able to answer even the simplest of questions.
    That being said , I have access to a 3D scanner and am fairly good with Fusion360 and electronics programming for models and I am willing to help the EM builders where ever I can . I hope a community forum gets some traction so everyone has a central place to coordinate the distribution of information and parts files. Still early days ….

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