Free Gift #5

If you signed up for the subscription-based version of the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 partworks build-up, you were supposed to receive five FREE gifts along the way. The first four gifts were a Collector’s Binder, a License Plate, a Baseball Cap, and a T-Shirt. For the fifth and final gift, I received this Display Base which arrived with Issue 13 (Stages 43-46).

The Display Base consists of a mirrored surface (under a protective film I am told, I am waiting to this remove later) inside a wooden frame. The frame is finished with a matte lacquer paint and the corner seams are filled pretty well. It is huge; more than 37″ long! At the front, there is a glossy faceplate with the Ghostbusters logo in full color (also under a protective film in this image):

This design is slightly different than what is shown on the Eaglemoss website, but it is very close and perfectly acceptable:


3 thoughts on “Free Gift #5”

  1. Have you come across a acrylic case to put on top of this base? Would like to keep the Ecto dust free and am not finding anything.

    1. Fanhome will offer the build case and base later on, but I think Chloe over at has a custom case for the Ecto coming very soon.

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