Honeywell 6000

While building our 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1, I noticed that a big detail was missing from the interior. While this prop was never seen in the films, the Honeywell 6000 maintenance controller (model 4WMPC001BA1) did exist and was located behind the oscilloscope stack inside the left rear door of the Ecto-1. It can be seen here in this capture from the official Ecto-1 restoration video:

There has been chatter online that they will supply this part in a later stage of our build, but I am not holding my breath.

Instead, I reached out Corey Hollingsworth at Scaled Modz about their Driver’s Side Workstation Mod Set. Normally, this product includes a custom 3D-printed oscilloscope stack and Honeywell panel, fully painted with lighting. However, I did not want the lighting, nor the oscilloscope stack, and Corey graciously agreed to create a non-lit version of just the Honeywell panel for me for €80:

Installing this mod is as simple as removing the backing paper on a pre-installed adhesive strip and sticking the panel into our model.

In the picture of the real car above, the Honeywell appears to be butted up against the Driver’s Side Rear Workstation. But, on my Ecto-1, I temporarily placed it a little farther back until I receive the body/doors. Then, I will adjust its location depending on how it looks:

This mod is really nice! I really appreciate being able to have this detail in my Ecto-1 model. Thanks go out to Scaled Modz for this one!

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