NOTE: I toned down the brightness of these pictures to try to capture more of the details.

Many builders are disappointed in the Air Inlets (vents) supplied with this 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 partworks model. They are not to scale, the white screw heads snap off or turn black from flaking paint, and even the vents themselves are not very accurate.

Luckily, our friend Mike Lane has already created his first mod for this build. His Ecto-1 Hood Vents replace the crummy stock versions with much more accurate vent and rivet details:

Even the louvers in Mike’s vents are the correct shape with actual openings, instead of the raised lines on the stock parts:


These new vents are labelled ‘L’ and ‘R’ for the left and right sides of the Hood (facing you from the front of the car):

If you have already installed the stock Air Inlets, remove them now and throw them far away. Then, take one of Mike’s Hood Vents and line it up on the Hood so you can see how they will fit into the two matching alignment holes:

Since these new vents are self-adhesive you will not need any screws at all. Simply removing the backing paper…

…and stick it on (making sure the vent openings face the rear of the Hood). When you press down to adhere the vent into place, only touch the edges so you don’t accidentally crush the delicate louvers:

Repeat this process for the other vent:


That’s all there is to it!  The terrible stock vents and screws are gone, replaced by accurately detailed versions. I had an extra Hood, so let’s take a look some side-by-side comparisons of the stock Eaglemoss and improved Mike Lane vents:

The real car actually had two vents butted up to each other on each side and Mike captured that detail here too. So far, every Mike Lane mod I have ever received for all of my builds has been top notch quality and incredibly detailed and accurate. These vents are no different. I am so grateful that our partwork community has his talent on our side. Thank you again, Mike!

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  1. Hello, How do I get those vents…would definitely like tohave those…just starting my build. Would appreciate any help to purchase. Please send any info.

    Thank you
    Paul Ciccone

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