A while back, we installed the Footwell Carpets mod from Mike Lane into our 1:8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 partwork build. Now, Mike has released his Rear Carpets, Metal Grille and Metal Trims mod for the Cargo Area Floor. Included with it are pre-cut, self-adhesive scaled carpet pieces, as well a photo-etched metal grille and metal edge trims, both sporting screw and rib detailing.

I ordered the complete set, but you can also order just the carpet (with no grille cutout), the grille and trims, or the grille alone:


The Cargo Area Floor arrives with Stage 52. However, I had built up through Stage 58 when I installed this mod, so if you are like me you may need to strip the model down some until you can get into these sunken footwell areas on either side:

Carpets – Passenger Side

Mike designated each carpet piece with a letter to ease installation. Here is his diagram of each part and where it is installed:

I started on the passenger side footwell, so here are the actual parts I needed marked with the same letters:

Step 1

For each piece, test fit it first by just laying it in position. This allows us to make sure we have it orientated correctly. I started with part ‘A’:

Step 2

If you are satisfied with the fitment, remove the carpet and peel about ½ inch (1.25 cm) of the backing away from one edge. I chose to start with the longest edge first. I also found it easier to use the tip of my hobby knife at one corner to split the paper from the adhesive .

This following methods are what I have used for years to apply large vinyl decals, but it works just as well for small detail pieces too:

Step 3

Next, gently fit the carpet back into the Cargo Area Floor, aligning it into place along the edges. Make sure these pre-punched holes in the carpet match up with the screw holes underneath.

If the carpet doesn’t line up to your liking, now is the time to adjust it:

When the fitment is correct, press the exposed adhesive area down into place:

Step 4

Reach under the carpet and gently start pulling on the folded backing paper to expose the remaining adhesive. At the same time, gently press the carpet down into place with a smoothing motion as more and more adhesive is exposed:

Everything should line up nice and cleanly. Our first piece of carpet is now installed:

Step 5

The next piece I installed was part ‘D’. This attaches to the front wall of the same passenger-side footwell.

Note that one side of this piece has an angled edge (marked with the red line below):

Using the same method as with part ‘A’ (including a test fitting), peel back some of the backing paper and apply this to the front wall of the footwell with the angled edge towards the outside edge of the car, as shown:

Step 6

Next up, I installed part ‘B’ which fits along the long side of the footwell. Use the same method as before to attach this piece:

Step 7

The final piece for the passenger-side footwell is part ‘C’.

Note that is piece also has an angled side (marked with red line below):

The angled edge should end up at the outside edge of the car, so I started attaching it from the straight edge:

When I got to the curved section, I used the blunt handle of some tweezers to tuck it tightly into the corners:

I followed the carpet around, using the tweezer handle to stick the carpet down, until this piece was fully in place:

Carpets – Driver Side

We can now switch over to the driver side footwell. These are the remaining carpet parts we need, marked with the letter designations:

Step 1

On this side, I started with carpet part ‘E’, applying it in the same way as before. Make sure the holes line up:

Step 2

Next, I added the large carpet part ‘F’.

Unfortunately, I did not get a photograph of this part fully attached, but you will see it in the steps below:

Step 3

Parts ‘G’ and ‘H’ are not the same shape.  Part ‘G’ is wider and both have angled sides (marked with red lines below):

Starting with the wider part ‘G’ and the angled edge along the outside of the car, attach it using the same method:

Attach the final carpet part ‘H’ in the same way, angled edge toward the outside:

With that, the carpet sections are now complete! We can move on to the metal pieces now.

Metal Grille

The metal grille is a quick and simple peel and stick job. It should line up over the matching cut-out of carpet part ‘B’, as shown.

Many builders choose to drill/cut out this section of plastic to make a hole behind the grille. But to me, the difference would be minimal and could possibly show the wiring that runs underneath the Cargo Area Floor. I decided not to cut anything here:

Metal Trims

Just like the carpet pieces, each of the metal trims is also lettered by Mike LaneFor my install, I started with the longest metal trim and worked my way to the shortest (as it made it easier to determine which part to use):

Step 1

The longest trim is part ‘A’. Here is where we are going to install it:

I applied a few drops of my super glue gel along the backside of this trim and stuck it down into place. Be sparse with the glue, as using too much can cause it to seep out the edges:

Step 2

The next longest trim, part ‘D’, goes on the other side of the car, and is fitted in the same way.

Unfortunately, I did not get a photograph of this part fully attached, but you will see it in the steps below:

Step 3

The next longest trim, part ‘C’, goes behind the forward jump seat.

You may need to disassemble your floor assembly some to make a gap for this to fit into:

Step 4

The next longest trim, part ‘B’, fits on the rear edge of the passenger footwell, forward of the rear jump seat:

Step 5

The final two pieces, parts ‘E’ and F’ fit on either end of the driver side footwell. Check their fitment, then glue them into place:

And, done! That completes the installation of the Rear Carpets, Metal Grille and Metal Trims from Mike Lane!


While carpets are always a nice addition to our models, this mod goes above and beyond. The precision of the carpet shapes, the details on the metal, and ease of installation make this one of my favorites! The quality never suffers when you buy from Mike Lane. Thank you again, sir!

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