When Eaglemoss went bankrupt in 2022 and left many of their customers with unfinished 1:8 scale Ecto-1 models, Mike from Mike Lane Mods quickly jumped into action to help out the community. He began creating kits that would supply the last few parts to complete their builds. These kits not only supplied those parts, but vastly improved on them in quality, materials and outstanding accuracy to the real Ecto-1 used in the Ghostbusters film.

Now that Fanhome/DeAgostini have begun to distribute the Ecto-1 again, these kits are still highly desirable due to the many changes and upgrades Mike included along the way. There are four kits in total and each contains various components of the roof rack as well as new CB antennas and mounts.

I am going to present the installation of these kits onto my Ecto-1 in two ways. If you want to see the mods being installed during the build, check out my build articles starting with Stage 133. If you want to see how to install each kit separately, you are in the right place. This table includes the contents of each kit and will include a link to the dedicated page for that kit (coming soon). Choose whichever you like.

NOTE: The LINKS below are COMING SOON – I need to complete more of the model (and the kits) before they will make sense!

Resurrect the Ecto-1 – KIT 1

  • Complete ladder and ladder bracket assembly
  • Functional green storage tube with removable end caps – complete with pre-applied label artwork
  • Metal green storage tube brackets
  • Screws

Resurrect the Ecto-1 – KIT 2

  • Left and right oxygen tanks with hoses – complete with pre-applied label artwork
  • Grey hose with brass coloured nozzle and miniature hose clamp
  • Front and rear antennas with spring ball mounts
  • White metal grey hose brackets
  • Oxygen tank metal brackets
  • Metal antenna brackets
  • Screws
  • Glue sheets and toothpicks

Resurrect the Ecto-1 – KIT 3

  • Acrylic roof box with storage compartment and lid
  • Motorized sniffer assembly
  • Motorized half-dome directional dish assembly
  • Length of sniffer detailing hose
  • Pulley wheels with built-in bearings
  • Pulley belts (2 spare)
  • Sniffer pulley mount
  • Motor mount
  • Roof vents
  • Roof heat sink
  • Vinyl sticker set – Including extra CAUTION stickers for the blue hose brackets!
  • Y-splitter cable for connecting to the model’s power via the roof
  • Screws

Resurrect the Ecto-1 – KIT 4

  • Exclusive completion coin with display stand – individually numbered
  • Motorized HVAC fan assembly
  • HVAC box with vent detailing
  • Cross-section sensitivity unit
  • Braided grounding wire with connectors
  • Ribbed hoses for the cross-section sensitivity unit
  • Left-front heat sink
  • Right-front heat sink
  • Length of detailing hose for the front heat sinks
  • Lengths of detailing hose for the side of the roof box
  • Ribbon cable for the front heat sinks with retaining clip
  • Set of 14 ribbon cable detailing blocks
  • Radome antenna aerials
  • Vinyl sticker set
  • Y-splitter cable for powering the HVAC
  • Tools/Screws