Scaled Modz is a business based in the UK and operated by Corrie Hollingsworth. Corrie has been instrumental in creating some of the nicest 3-D printed and painted modifications for our partwork models.  These are just some of the great products I am plan on using from them and, as they are installed, I will add links here.

If you would like any of these items, please order them via the Scaled Modz Facebook page.

Direct Product LinkUsed in Stage(s)
Interior Mod Set 141, 42, 45
Honeywell 6000Anytime after 52


8 thoughts on “SCALED MODZ”

  1. I went to Scaled Modz… it just seems to be a Facebook social media site..not an online store. How do you order what you want?

    1. This site is not related to or affiliated with Scaled Modz in any way. The only way I know to get a hold of them is via their facebook page.

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