Stages 95+ Delayed

As of yesterday, September 26, 2021, this build is on hold again because the Issue 26 magazine for the next shipment is out of stock. There is no ETA when it will be available.

UPDATE October 11, 2021: Out of nowhere, I received a shipping notification for Stages 95-106. I just need Issue 107 to make progress!

UPDATE October 15, 2021: I did receive the shipment that should have been Stages 95-106, but Stage 103 was missing. I had to go through the new process of taking pictures of an stage that doesn’t exist and email them. And, now Issue 107 is out of stock. Who knows when I can get back to building this thing!

7 thoughts on “Stages 95+ Delayed”

  1. Hi, Im so glad I found your page, I am doing this right now. I just finished putting the left rear door on I think #88 or so
    So Im right at the 90 mark
    Every other week on Friday they send me 3 issues with 4 parts in it, so I get 12 bags of parts
    Iv e been trying to get this done as fast as I can
    But I did go through a period where they had nothing to ship to me, I had maybe a 6-8 week wait and got nothing til I contacted them. .They charged me for the full size license plate and I still haven’t gotten it yet.
    But thank you so much for keeping up to date with their parts and what’s being delayed!
    take care


    1. Glad to have you here! The full-size license plate is a gift and you should not be charged for it. The special issue for the proton packs is an additional charge though. I have stages 95-106 arriving tomorrow, but I want to wait for 107 for the replacement front right door so the stages are not out of order here.

  2. Yeah what’s all that about? I just got 90-102 coming to my house tomorrow. I’m not supposed to put the door on until 107??

    1. You can actually skip 91-94 and continue building. Just go back and do 91-94 once you get the replacement door. I just don’t want to confuse my visitors by jumping around. It shouldn’t be long before 107 arrives.

  3. Ok so I went back and read your article from August, Im not sure I got the wrong door.
    I never received a letter from Eaglemoss about this so maybe I got one of the fixed doors??
    I can post a photo if you want, do you have a photo of what the wrong door looks like to compare?
    I started my build Dec 2020, and Im on #100
    So I have 41 more to go and this is done
    I dont mind waiting for 107 for the correction Im just wondering

    1. If your right front door has the slot for the Wing Mirror, it is the wrong door. The replacement door has no mirror slot. Eaglemoss did say they would start putting the correct door in Stage 91 at some point, but based on my experience they never go back and correct old stages. They would start including a piece of paper explaining that a new door would be coming later.

  4. I got the first 2 issues back in June and I’m still waiting for more issues almost 5 months later because they don’t have the license plate and ran out of IOU slips and they said their is no way for them to bypass the free gift, it’s ridiculous, they literally can just print IOU slips on a printer lol

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